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Free Red Twitch Overlays Ultimate Collection

Discover the best free red Twitch overlays for your stream with our curated list. There’s no denying the impact and importance of using well designed stream overlays. So, if you’re a fan of the color red, you’re in for a treat.

Strike - Free Red Twitch Overlay

This is the first free red Twitch overlay in our list. It’s a full pack with an aggressive and bold design including; alerts, overlays, screens and channel art. Source files are also included, so you can tweak the text or colors and really customize the individual elements.

Velvet - Free Red Twitch Overlay

free red twitch overlays preview

Another freebie. Velvet is all about the color red. It’s probably the intense overlay pack we’ve shown here today. It’s got everything a new streamer needs to get up and running.

Scarlet - Free Red Overlays

free red twitch overlays preview

Apex - Ultimate Red Twitch Overlay

red twitch overlay

This is a red Apex Legends Twitch overlays pack. It contains all of the essentials you need as a streamer; alerts, screens, overlays, stinger transition and even widgets.

Spectre - Sci Fi Red Twitch Overlay

red twitch overlay

Spectre is a red stream overlay for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook & Kick. It’s a great package for streamers who regularly play futuristic shooter games, or fans of sci fi.

Spike - Dark Red Twitch Overlay

red stream package

Inferno - Warm Red Overlays

fire twitch overlay

Borderline - FPS Red Twitch Overlay

red twitch overlay

This red overlay for streaming has a bright and modern look. The perfect overlay for FPS gamers.

Rival - White & Red Stream Overlays

red twitch overlay

This package is super aggressive, with sharp angles and contrasting red and white. The package contains everything shown in the image AND it’s fully animated.

Alpha - Red Highlight Overlays

red twitch overlay

Alpha has a mostly dark theme with subtle red features with the overlays. Overall the theme is simple and clean.

Anarchy - Tech Red Twitch Overlay

red twitch overlay

Anarchy has a light red theme with darker elements used in the background. It has a mix of futuristic and tech styles.

Royalty - Black & Red Twitch Overlay

red twitch overlay

Perhaps the boldest theme here, this package has a strong contrast between the colour red and black.


red twitch overlay

Hero has a comic book / superhero style, with a brilliant mix of red and yellow.


red twitch overlay

Katana has a paint brush stroke style mixed with Japanese elements. This is a great package for FPS gamers.


red twitch overlay

Bushido is a stylistic Japanese themed overlay pack. 

Arrival - Neon Red Overlays

red twitch overlay

Arrival is a modern red twitch overlay with darker elements in the background.

Archaic - Neon Red Twitch Overlay

red twitch pack

Precision - Red Valorant Overlays

valorant red twitch overlay


As interest in live streaming grows, so does the ability to set your stream apart from others. Utilizing overlays that complement your branding and personality is absolutely essential, not only to make a great first impression, but also a lasting one. As we’ve seen in our list of red Twitch overlays, this choice of color is far from arbitrary—it’s a powerful statement.

From the bold and energetic to the sleek and minimalist, each overlay in our list demonstrates the wide variety of styles available and how they can be aligned with your unique persona.

Choosing your overlays is a journey, and some even find making a decision to be quite difficult. Oftentimes by exploring some other similar or different styles you can really start working out what does and doesn’t work for you. You could try alternative colors like purple overlays, or even check out a unique style like vaporwave overlays.

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