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Animated Twitch Transitions

Stinger Transitions

Take the scene changes within your broadcasting software to the next level using our animated stinger transitions. With each transition designed and optimized for the top broadcasting software, you can change scenes knowing everything is going smoothly.

Stinger transitions are the perfect way to fix the janky scene changes that arise from changing scenes without a stinger. Whether you’re rocking a purple color scheme, or have pirate themed branding, our store is filled with unique scene transitions for all kinds of personalities.

With so many designers out there focusing only on a handful of styles, we take pride and absolutely love creating fresh and unique styles for streamers. Whether it’s Steampunk style, retro hacker or trippy space themes, there’s no shortage of packages to spice up your stream. You can still be sure to find the most popular overlay styles also at Hexeum.

Our stinger transitions are not just super easy to set up, they’re highly compatible with the industry standard software and top streaming platforms. Whether you use Streamlabs, OBS or XSplit you can be sure of a fully optimized experience.

Why Choose Hexeum ?

With instantly downloadable files, detailed installation tutorials and a support team waiting to assist you, the next step is finding your dream scene transition in store.

Are you ready to kick start your stream ?


Luckily there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying a stinger transition. We recommend choosing a transition that matches the existing designs or branding that you have. 

If you currently have no designs for your stream, we recommend buying one of our complete stream packages. These packs include all the graphics needed to put on an amazing stream, and also include the stinger transition. 

The benefit of getting an animated transition as part of a package is that it will match the other graphical elements included. Thus, keeping your appearance consistent.

The only software you need for changing scenes is broadcasting software. Luckily the most popular one, OBS, is completely free.

We certainly do. Whether you’re getting up to speed with streaming or want to figure out how to set it up before buying, we highly recommend some of our free transitions.

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