Halloween Twitch overlays are the perfect way to unleash your creativity as a streamer during the spooky season. It’s a popular time of the year within the streaming community. Many streamers immerse themselves in the Halloween spirit by updating their overlays and graphics.

We’ve put together a list of the best Halloween Twitch overlays and resources (including freebies!) for your stream. Our list includes full, easy to setup packages that have everything you need to completely transform your stream into a bone chilling experience.

collage of various halloween twitch overlay previews

Afterlife Twitch Overlay

Get into the Halloween spirit with our eerie Twitch overlay! Featuring a haunted house atop a hill, silhouetted against a glowing full moon, with bats soaring overhead and sinister carved pumpkins lurking below. Perfect for setting a spooky mood for your streams this season.

Check out some of the elements included in this package below.


These matching alerts for Twitch, Youtube & Facebook are included in the afterlife stream pack.

Stinger Transition

Every Halloween stream overlay package must have a spine-chilling stinger for seamless scene transitions.

Stream Widgets

Captivate your audience with Halloween-inspired spooky widgets.

Undead - Purple Halloween Twitch Overlay

Eek! This purple package is the perfect way to overhaul your stream for Halloween. It’s a full stream package packed full of features; screens, donation goal, alerts, stinger transition, chat overlay & more. In addition to all this, Streamlabs users can install the overlays with just a couple clicks, giving you more time to focus on actual streaming and not configuration.

Check out some of the elements included in this package below.


These matching alerts for Twitch, Youtube & Facebook are included in the undead stream pack.

Stinger Transition

No Halloween stream overlay package would be complete without an equally terrifying stinger to change scenes.

Webcam Overlay

halloween facecam

Wrap your webcam feed with this eerie overlay.

Foresaken Twitch Overlay

This is a spine-tingling Twitch overlay package with eerie themes throughout. These overlays are sure to create a haunting atmosphere that will captivate your viewers. The full package contains; stinger transition, alerts, screens and widgets.

Take a closer look at some of the elements included in this package below.

Spooky Alerts

Horrifying halloween alerts for Twitch, YouTube & Facebook.

Spooky Webcam Frame

Forsaken package includes this matching webcam frame.


Spooky halloween widgets, includes event list, alerts, chatbox & donation goals.

Cursed Twitch Overlay

What’s more terrifying than a graveyard at night with the undead on the loose? If that’s your kind of vibe, you’re going to love this “Cursed” stream overlay package.

Haunted House Twitch Overlay

This is one of our favorite Halloween themed twitch overlays. Includes everything you need to put on a Spooktacular stream.

Halloween Twitch Overlay (Freebie)

No list would be complete without a cheeky freebie for you to enjoy. Despite being free, this Halloween Twitch overlay package is oozing with features. With a classic Halloween orange theme, a creepy graveyard background and pumpkin heads, it’s hard to go wrong with these overlays.