Our Story

Hexeum is your ultimate destination for overlays, animations, graphics, and tools tailored for streamers and content creators. Our mission is to help streamers in establishing a personal brand around their unique personality and content. Beyond providing graphics and animations, Hexeum provides a variety of tools and widgets specifically crafted to enhance engagement and add an element of fun to your stream.

We first started creating graphics in 2017. Back then we never could have imagined we would end up connecting with so many amazing streamers and content creators. What initially started out as a fun project to help our friends with their stream, later turned into a dream that helps streamers pursue their passion. In a way, this first project really defined our mission…to help our streamer friends create more engaging streams. Except now, we’ve got a whole load more friends.

Once we understood our mission, we quickly realised there are so many ways in which a streamer can engage more viewers and grow their community. That’s why nowadays we work not only on graphics but also on tools that help streamers engage their audience and have fun. We aim to make streaming easily accessible to everyone by providing overlays and tools that help streamers find unique and creative ways to engage an audience. We do this so streamers can focus on what’s important; having fun and building a community.

The Team

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Motion Designer

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