The Best Free Twitch Panels

We’ve got the best free Twitch panels available to download instantly. Create your own panels with our powerful Twitch panel maker or choose from a ready made design from our collection of templates.

best free twitch panels

Free Twitch Panel Maker

twitch panel maker

Our free Twitch panel maker is a handy tool to help creators make their own panels.

Free Panel Templates

free twitch panel templates to download

Download free premade Twitch panels or edit them using the included source files.

Twitch Panel Ideas

twitch panel ideas

Looking for a starting point or inspiration for your channel?

Free Twitch Panel Templates

Browse our collection of free Twitch panel templates available to download instantly. These panel packages come with an editable source file. This allows you to create any panel variation you like with free software such as Photopea. This list of panels contains all manner of colors, styles and themes. From cute panels, to simple & clean esport styles. Check back here if the current list doesn’t have anything you like as we keep the list updated.

All templates shown below are also available as part of full overlay packs. In addition to free panel packs, we’ve got premium ones available for download

Free Sakura Twitch Panels

sakura Free Twitch Panels

Free Green Twitch Panels

free green twitch panels

Free Blue Twitch Panels

free blue twitch panels

Free Purple Twitch Panels

free cafe Twitch panels

Free Red Twitch Panels

free red twitch panels

Free Dark Blue Twitch Panels

free dark blue twitch panels

Free Purple Twitch Panels

free purple twitch panels

Free Anime Twitch Panels

free Anime Twitch Panels

Free League of Legends Twitch Panels

free League of Legends Panels

Free Retrowave Twitch Panels

free retro twitch panels

Free Yellow Twitch Panels

free yellow twitch panels

Free Red Twitch Panels

free red twitch panels

Free Purple & Yellow Twitch Panels

free purple & yellow twitch panels

Free Cute Pink Twitch Panels

free cute pink Twitch Panels

Free Orange Twitch Panels

free orange twitch panels

Free Scifi Twitch Panels

free scifi twitch panels

Free RedTwitch Panels

free red twitch panels

Free Twitch Panel Maker

Our free Twitch panel maker app is the perfect tool for creators. Create the best panels for your Twitch channel in minutes. With advanced features & settings the possibilities are almost infinite.

How To Make Twitch Panels

Using our Twitch panel maker app featured above, follow the steps below to create your very own panels in minutes.

    1. Start in the Layout tab and select your chosen background from the Background Image dropdown. Position the text using the slider or select one of the Quick Align buttons. Now tweak the outline of the panel using the Panel Shape dropdown.
    2. Select the Text tab from here you can change the display text in the Panel Text field. Here you can also change, font type, color, size and weight.
    3. Change to the Icon tab and enable the icon. More settings will appear allowing you to change icon type, spacing and color.
    4. If you want some additional effects select the Effects tab. We have a selection of different effects that can be used to enhance the look of your panel including, glitch and glow effects. Use the intensity slider to make the effect more or less prominent.
    5. Finally, once you’re happy with the look and design, select Save Image and your custom made panel will begin downloading.
hexeum twitch panel maker settings

Design Tips For Making Twitch Panels

twitch panel maker
    • Choosing the correct font is critical in creating attractive panels. The font should match the overall style of the background. e.g cute fonts work with cute backgrounds
    • Use icons where possible. Icons are recognised quicker than text, and help viewers find the info they need more precisely
    • Change the Panel Shape to help fit an aesthetic more closely
    • If the text is difficult to see over the background, enable the drop shadow effect
    • Adjust font size so that the text is easy to read without straining your eyes
    • For social media icons, using recognisable colors makes it easier to identify in your about section at a glance
    • Using centered text is usually more aesthetically pleasing. However, with other positions consider leave padding between the text and panel edges.

How To Add Panels to Twitch ?

adding panels to twitch
    1. Select the About tab on your channel page
    2. Toggle on the Edit Panels
    3. Select the plus button to add a new panel
    4. Choose the text/image or extension option
    5. Configure the panel by giving it a title, adding an image, link and description
    6. Click Submit to save
    7. Toggle the Edit Panels back to off

Twitch Panel Ideas

The best panels to use for Twitch are ones that serve a specific purpose. This purpose of course is to help relay important information about your stream to viewers. There’s no need to clutter your about page with unnecessary panels in an attempt to fill empty space. We’ve put together a list of Twitch panel examples that are most commonly used by streamers. These panel types are a good starting point if you’re new to streaming.

About Panel

about twitch panel free

Donate Panel

free donate twitch panel

Contact Panel

free contact panel twitch

Top Donator Panel

free top donator twitch panels

Hardware Panel

free hardware twitch panel

Social Media Panel

free social media twitch panel

PC Specs Panel

free pc specs twitch panel

Commands Panel

commands twitch panel free

Discord Panel

free discord twitch panel

Merch Panel

free merch twitch panel

Instagram Panel

free instagram twitch panel

Rules Panel

free rules twitch panel

Giveaway Panel

free giveaway twitch panel

Schedule Panel

free schedule twitch panel

Twitter Panel

free twitter twitch panel

All Links Panel

free all links twitch panels

Layout Tips for Twitch Panels


If you’re using image panels, then colors and style should be on-brand. This means that they should be consistent with your existing branding, or any planned branding for your channel.

Use colors from your color scheme and styles which you feel are representative of your personality.

Concise Layout

Most important information should be placed near the top

Only include relevant information. This means information that your viewers would find useful. Things like equipment used, links or your bio.

Keep the layout clean and uncluttered. Too many panels can create a confusing and messy about section.

Use Markdown

Markdown is a text styling language that allows you to create stylized layouts and well formatted descriptions for your panels. There’s a useful guide on markdown to get you started.

Markdown can help you create things like headings, bullet points, anchor links and quotes.

Do I Need Twitch Panels ?

Yes, Twitch panels should be used by every streamer. One of the first things that new streamers joining your stream will do is look at your about section. You don’t necessarily need to use image panels, however they’re used by the vast majority of streamers. Image panels look much more professional and help streamers find the information they want more quickly.

As we’ve mentioned, simply adding panels to your channel is not enough. You need to carefully think about the layout, text and making sure they’re effective.

Twitch Panels FAQ

Twitch panel dimensions are width 320px and height 80px. Depending on the panel shape you want, you can opt for a higher value for the height. These recommendations are based on our years of experience creating Twitch panels used by thousands of streamers.

Yes, you can download our free Twitch panel templates, or use our free Twitch panel maker tool which gives you full control over your panel design & layout.

A maximum of 3 panel extensions can be used. However, an unlimited number of Text/Image panels are available to set up on your channel.

Yes. Links can be added to your Twitch panels. This allows your panels to act like buttons for your about page, and can take viewers directly to your social media or sponsor pages.

Links can be added to the panel in the panel editor on your about page in the Image Links To field.