Most Fun Games To Play With Your Viewers on Twitch

Connecting with your audience on Twitch is one of the cornerstones of building a strong community. On platforms like Twitch, engaging directly with viewers can transform a standard stream into a fun and interactive community event. Playing games with viewers serves this exact purpose, creating a bridge between the streamer and their audience, enhancing the sense of community and belonging.

This article aims to spotlight the most popular games that have proven to be excellent choices for streamer-viewer interaction. These games not only promote participation and collaboration but also provide endless entertainment, making the streaming experience memorable for both parties. Moreover, the choice of game is a crucial aspect of this dynamic.

It’s not just about picking the most popular or latest title; it’s about choosing a game that resonates with both the streamer and their audience, ensuring an enjoyable experience that keeps viewers coming back for more. The games listed here have been handpicked for their ability to engage, entertain, and create a shared experience for creating unforgettable streams for both viewers and the streamer.

Securing the top spot as an all-time favorite for engaging with viewers, streaming Jackbox party pack on Twitch has become a go-to activity for creators looking to interact and have fun with their audience.

jackbox party pack
    • Variety of party games including trivia and drawing.
    • Engages viewers with humor and interaction.
    • Available on multiple platforms including PC and consoles.
crab game banner
    • Survival and competition-based mini-games.
    • Offers light-hearted yet intense streaming sessions.
    • Free on Steam, accessible to a wide audience.
marbles on stream gameplay
    • Interactive marble race with viewer participation.
    • Encourages community interaction and competition.
    • Downloadable on Steam for streamers and viewers.
gartic phone
    • Players draw and guess in a telephone-like game, leading to hilarious outcomes.
    • Popular for its humor and creativity, enhancing streamer-viewer interaction.
    • Easily accessible through a web browser.
goose goose duck
    • A social deduction game where players decipher who the deceitful ducks are.
    • Engages viewers with strategy and suspense.
    • Available on Steam for free.
party animals gameplay banner
    • Features cute animals in whimsical physics-based battles.
    • Appeals for its humor and adorable chaos.
    • Can be found on Steam.
    • A sandbox game allowing endless creativity and exploration.
    • Ideal for collaborative streamer-viewer projects.
    • Available across multiple platforms.
quiz time banner
    • A trivia game with wide-ranging questions.
    • Boosts interaction through competition and knowledge.
    • Downloadable on various gaming platforms.
words on stream banner
    • A live interactive word puzzle game.
    • Popular for its real-time audience participation.
    • Accessible through browser-based platforms.
among us banner
    • A social deduction game set in space.
    • Engages viewers in mystery and teamwork.
    • Available on Steam, mobile, and other platforms.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Game


Understanding the balance between free and paid gaming options is crucial for streamers. Opting for budget-friendly or already owned games can make participation easier for viewers. Also, the choice between popular games and niche ones can impact the stream’s reach and the type of community it attracts.

Troll Proofing

Make sure that you’re vigilant in managing in-game chats to prevent trolling and maintain a positive stream atmosphere. Games that involve drawing or sketching require extra caution as they can be misused, potentially leading to inappropriate content on the stream.

Personal and Community Enjoyment

It’s essential for you to choose games that resonate with their personal interests to keep the stream authentic and engaging. Additionally, selecting games that promote viewer participation and are enjoyable for the community is key to enhancing the overall experience and retaining viewer interest over time.

Final Thoughts

Pro Tip: Utilize the highly popular Twitch tag “Playing with viewers” and you may even be able to draw in some new viewers looking for highly interactive communities. 

The games highlighted in this article offer a diverse range of interactive experiences, each promoting unique connections within a community. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about creating shared experiences that create lasting memories for both the streamer and their viewers.

We encourage you to explore these varied options, whether it’s through collaborative gameplay, shared laughter, or friendly competition. At the end of the day the goal is to have fun and enrich your community with new experiences. Of course, as we mentioned, don’t forget to consider factors like the games availability, troll-proofing, and personal enjoyment. This way you can create a more inclusive, engaging, and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

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