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Engaging and Fun Sub Goal Ideas

Setting subscriber count goals is an excellent strategy for encouraging support from your community. These goals often involve fun rewards or challenges that you engage in upon reaching the milestone. The possibilities for subscriber (sub) goal ideas are virtually limitless.

It’s crucial for sub goals to be enjoyable and, more importantly, relevant to your audience. While we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of ideas, personalizing them can make them even more appealing to your viewers. If coming up with fresh ideas seems daunting, consider consulting your community for suggestions. Personalized challenges, tailored to your unique qualities as a streamer, often add an extra layer of fun. For instance, if you’re not a fan of cheese, eating cheese on stream could be an amusing and light-hearted goal.

In planning your sub goals, it’s important to stay safe and avoid anything excessively risky. Additionally, it’s wise to revisit Twitch’s Terms of Service (TOS) regularly to ensure that your planned activities align with acceptable content standards on the platform. Remember, the key is to create engaging, safe, and platform-appropriate content that enhances your and your viewers’ Twitch experience.

A common misconception is that crazy sub goal ideas can be a way to promote your Twitch channel. However, this would be the wrong approach as it’s your existing community members who are most likely to be more generous with their subs and gifted subs.

Top 20 Sub Goal Ideas

    1. Movie Night: Host a movie-watching session with your subscribers, where you all watch a movie together online and discuss it in real-time. This creates a shared experience and strengthens community bonds.
    2. Horror Game Night: Play a horror game while streaming, with the lights dimmed for added effect. This is perfect for engaging viewers who enjoy suspense and thrill.
    3. Games with Viewers: Invite subscribers to join in on multiplayer games. It’s a great way to interact directly with your audience and make them feel part of the stream.
    4. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: Have a dance session where you let loose and encourage viewers to join in from their homes. This can be a light-hearted and fun sub goal.
    5. Karaoke Stream: Sing your heart out on a karaoke night. Viewers can suggest songs or even sing along, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere.
    6. Spin the Wheel Challenges: Create a wheel of challenges that you spin whenever you reach a sub goal. Challenges could range from in-game actions to fun personal tasks.
    7. Chat Chooses Pizza Toppings: Let your chat decide the toppings for a pizza that you order and eat live on stream. It’s a fun way to engage viewers in your meal choices.
    8. Ask Your Community: Directly involve your community in decision-making. Whether it’s choosing the next game to play or a topic to discuss, this encourages active participation.
    9. Eat a Spicy Pepper: Test your taste buds by eating a spicy pepper on stream. This challenge can be humorous and engaging for viewers.
    10. Improvised Rap: Showcase your creativity by performing an improvised rap, maybe about Twitch, gaming, or comments from the chat.
    11. Giveaway: Host a giveaway as a thank you to subscribers. This can be game codes, merchandise, or anything else your community might enjoy.
    12. Cosplay Stream: Dress up as a popular character from a game or movie. This is a fun way to engage fans of particular franchises.
    13. Makeup Stream: Experiment with makeup live on stream. This could be a thematic makeup session, like creating a look based on a game character.
    14. Drawing on Stream: Showcase your artistic skills or just have fun drawing while interacting with viewers. You can take requests or draw based on a theme.
    15. Cooking Stream: Cook a meal live, sharing the recipe and process with your viewers. This is great for casual chatting and sharing personal interests.
    16. IRL Travel Stream: Take your viewers on an adventure by streaming from different locations. Share experiences from a travel destination or even just a walk in the park.
    17. 24-Hour Stream: Challenge yourself with a marathon 24-hour stream, playing games, chatting, and doing various activities to keep viewers engaged.
    18. Build Something on Stream (like LEGO): Engage in a creative project like building a LEGO set. This can be relaxing and offers lots of opportunities for viewer interaction.
    19. Eat BeanBoozled on Stream: Play the BeanBoozled challenge, eating jelly beans of various flavors – some delicious and some not-so-much, for a humorous and unpredictable experience.
    20. Eat a Lemon/Super Sour Candies: Test your sour tolerance by eating a lemon or super sour candies. The reactions can be amusing and entertaining for viewers.

These ideas can be tailored to fit your streaming style and audience preferences, ensuring that your sub goals are not only engaging but also enjoyable for both you and your viewers.

Tips for Setting Sub Goals on Twitch

Set Achievable Sub Goals: Setting a sub goal of 1,000 subs might be overly ambitious for a smaller streamer and could inadvertently discourage viewers from trying to reach it due to its seemingly unattainable nature. Instead, set realistic goals. Many viewers enjoy playing the role of the ‘hero viewer’ who helps the community cross the finish line, perhaps by gifting 10 subs. But if the goals are set too high, these generous viewers might be less inclined to contribute, recognizing that the goal is too far-fetched.

Run a Subathon Wisely: Organizing a subathon can be an excellent strategy to motivate your audience towards reaching sub goals, by extending the stream’s duration or employing a tiered goal system. Each time a goal is achieved, you can perform the promised reward or challenge, continuing this pattern until the subathon concludes. However, it’s crucial not to overextend yourself. Subathons often entail long streaming hours, and if your energy wanes, you may struggle to keep your viewers engaged. Additionally, keeping subathons as occasional events can enhance their impact, generating more excitement and anticipation among your viewers.

Final Words

Setting subscriber goals with fun rewards or challenges once complete is a popular way to incentivise more subs. By embracing ideas like movie nights, horror game sessions, or even quirky challenges like eating a spicy pepper, you invite your viewers into a world where they feel rewarded for their participation.

Remember, the key to successful sub goals lies in their attainability and relevance to your audience. Whether you’re hosting a subathon or setting incremental goals, choose rewards or challenges that you know your viewers will love. This creates both an entertaining stream and tends to lead to more generosity from your biggest fans.

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