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Top Discord Servers for Streamers of All Levels

Discord is an invaluable tool for building communities around specific niches and topics. As a streamer on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, engaging with relevant communities is crucial. These spaces offer a chance to share experiences and tips, as well as to learn from other streamers’ challenges and successes. Discord servers dedicated to streamers, particularly small streamers, provide an ideal environment for connecting with like-minded individuals.

We have dedicated time to identifying the best Discord servers for small streamers. Our selection is based on several key factors: 1) The size of the community, ensuring a broad network of streamers; 2) Server activity levels, to guarantee dynamic and ongoing interactions; 3) The presence of active moderation, which ensures a healthy and inclusive space for all members.

Later in this article, we will delve into some best practices and tips to help you make the most of these communities. Whether you’re looking to grow your Twitch channel, seek advice, or simply connect with fellow streamers, these servers can be a valuable resource to help you develop as a streamer.

The Best Discord Servers for Small Streamers

Here’s our best discord server picks for streamers both big and small. These communities are active and promote a supportive, non-toxic environment. Just keep in mind that some of these servers will require you to perform some form of verification, and others ask you to link your Twitch to discord in order to participate.

pizza party discord server for streamers logo

Members: 3,721

Concept: With a unique approach, Pizza Party is built on the principle of reciprocal support – the idea that you receive support in proportion to what you give. This server addresses the common issue of streamers supporting others without receiving any support in return.

mayhem gaming logo

Members: 3,964

Focus: Specifically targeted at small streamers, Mayhem Gaming stands out as the largest community server in this niche. It offers free advice and technical support, alongside free advertising opportunities. A notable feature is its bots that automatically announce when members go live, enhancing visibility for streamers.

streamers lounge logo depicting cute panda and flowers

Members: 1,508

Offerings: Catering to both small and large streamers, Streamers Lounge provides a supportive environment. The server features distinct channels for sharing your ‘go live’ links and separate ones for promoting your social media profiles, facilitating broad-spectrum support for streamers.

Members: 576

Description: A rapidly growing server, The Ghostly Grave is dedicated to assisting streamers in reaching affiliate status. It prides itself on fostering a welcoming and loving community where every member feels valued and supported.

Members: 1,037

Highlights: Known for its sizable and active community, OneBigTV focuses on small streamers. The server is well-organized with specific channels dedicated to offering and receiving help among streamers, promoting a culture of mutual support and growth.

Members: 1,590

Purpose: This server is specifically designed to aid streamers and YouTubers in finding collaborators. It’s an ideal place for content creators looking to expand their network and collaborate on various projects.

Members: 198

Environment: A smaller yet cozy community, Streamers Kingdom is perfect for streamers seeking to forge friendships within the content creation space. Its size allows for more personalized interactions and networking opportunities.

Members: 926

Features: While it’s a general gaming channel at heart, NextGenGamers also supports streamers by offering dedicated channels to share Twitch and YouTube stream links. It’s a great place to make friends who share a passion for gaming and streaming.

Members: 184

Focus: This interactive community places a strong emphasis on small streamers and viewers. The Streamers Hub provides a platform for advertising your channel and encourages active engagement among members.

Members: 1,066

Services: Beyond just a place for streaming advice, Deadland is a hub where members can learn about streaming on various platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Kick. It’s well-regarded as a safe space for networking and connecting with people eager to chat and collaborate.

Members: 580

Unique Aspect: Operated by talk show/podcast host and Twitch streamer Jokerdad007, this networking community server features streamers and content creators on the show “Jokerdad’s Spotlight.” It’s a fantastic opportunity for exposure and networking within the streaming community.

These Discord servers offer a range of environments and resources tailored to the needs of small streamers, from technical support to networking opportunities. Each has its unique flair and community, providing various avenues for growth and collaboration in the streaming world.

Streamer Specific Communities

Most communities we’ve highlighted are general-purpose servers where streamers can actively interact with each other. However, many streamers also manage their own specific Discord servers. These are spaces where they connect with their viewers and post updates. As you explore and follow other small streamers on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Kick, engaging with them in their Discord channels is also a great idea.

When participating in these personal servers, it’s crucial to engage respectfully and avoid overt self-promotion. It’s okay to mention your own stream, but this should come up naturally in conversation, not as a forced promotion.

This approach opens doors to potential collaborations and friendships with other small streamers. Such relationships can lead to mutually beneficial actions like channel raiding or audience recommendations. The most important aspect to remember is to engage genuinely and authentically with fellow streamers, focusing on building real connections and friendships.

Choosing The Right Discord Server

As a streamer, different Discord servers may align more closely with your specific goals. It’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes reflecting on what you hope to gain from a community. This could range from networking and collaboration opportunities (e.g squad streaming) to making friends or supporting fellow streamers. Once you have a clear idea of your objectives, take the time to review the unique features of each Discord server. Assess if these features match your goals and if the community can support your streaming journey.

Remember, being an active member of any community involves engaging with and contributing to the success of other streamers. It’s crucial that the communities you join share similar long-term objectives as yours. Keep in mind that finding the right community often involves some trial and error. Feel free to explore different servers, immerse yourself in their community dynamics, and determine if they are a worthwhile investment of your time. The right community can play a significant role in your growth and satisfaction as a streamer.

Streamer Discord Best Practices & Etiquette

As you immerse yourself in various Discord servers, it’s crucial to act in line with each server’s specific rules. Equally important is to embrace some general etiquette and best practices, which can significantly enhance your experience and contribution to these communities.

Support Other Streamers: View these communities as collaborative networks. The principle here is mutual support – aim to assist other streamers as much as you seek help. The effectiveness of these Discord servers hinges on active participation from the majority of its members.

Mindful Self-Promotion: It might be tempting to think that spreading your channel link far and wide is a surefire strategy for growth. However, a more effective approach is to build connections. Engage and communicate with other streamers before promoting your channel. Utilize dedicated ‘going live’ channels where available, but remember that indiscriminate self-promotion is often the least effective way to build authentic communities.

Share Knowledge and Tips: If you come across useful streaming tools, insights, or strategies that could benefit others in gaining viewership, don’t hesitate to share. A community thrives on the exchange of information and support. Generally, the more you contribute to the collective knowledge pool, the more you can expect in return.

By following these guidelines, you not only adhere to the unspoken rules of digital communities but also set yourself up for a more fruitful and enjoyable experience within the Discord servers tailored for streamers.


In this guide, we’ve navigated through the best Discord servers for streamers, highlighting the importance of choosing a server that aligns with your specific streaming goals and interests. Remember, the key to making the most of these communities lies in active, respectful participation and genuine interactions. These servers are not just platforms for growth and networking; they’re spaces where mutual support and shared knowledge can significantly enhance your streaming experience.

As we conclude, we invite you to share your experiences. Have you discovered any Discord servers that have been particularly beneficial for your streaming journey? Do you have tips or recommendations for other small streamers looking for the right community? Your insights and suggestions could be invaluable to others in the streaming community.

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