synthwave stream overlay list that'll take you to the 80s

Synthwave Stream Overlays – Retro 80’s Collection

These Synthwave Twitch overlays are a journey back in time to when the ’80s were alive and thriving! If you’re a fan of 80’s nostalgia and retro vibes, you’re in for a treat. Synthwave, a genre that resurrects the iconic sounds and aesthetics of that time, has not only taken the music scene by storm but has also found its way into the world of streaming.

For those wanting to incorporate this cool retro style into their streams, these Twitch overlays are the perfect choice. In this article, we’ll dive into our list of the best Synthwave-inspired Twitch overlays, capturing the essence of the 80’s era.

Nocturnal - Ultimate Synthwave Twitch Overlay

synthwave stream overlay

This synthwave Twitch overlay has some retro UI elements as well as more commonly used 80’s visuals. It has a mix of purple and pink colours.

Skyline - Retro Twitch Overlay

synthwave stream overlay

No retro 80’s Twitch overlay would be complete without palm trees and sunset view. This overlay pack was designed to capture the Miami vibes.

Paradise - Editable Synthwave Twitch Overlay

synthwave stream overlay

This overlay pack is unique in its design. The text in this package is editable within streaming software such as OBS or Streamlabs. This gives you the power to change language or give it a personal touch.

If you have existing overlays with a similar color scheme then the elements below may be of interest to you. Get matching panels, transition or widgets.

Sunset - 80's Twitch Overlay

synthwave stream overlay

This theme is instantly recognisable as an homage to the 80s.

As with most synthwave stream overlays for Twitch, are pretty diverse in terms of categories they can be used to stream for. They’re more of a reflection of the streamers personality than the game being played.

Drive - Synthwave Twitch Overlay

synthwave stream overlay

This package is definitely the coolest out of these featured stream overlays. If you love night drives, synthwave music and speed then this theme is perfect for you.

The package is fully animated and comes with 5 screens, twitch panels, widget, social media kit and of course facecam border.

Outrun - Retrowave Twitch Overlay

synthwave twitch overlay

Outrun is inspired heavily by the grid from the movie Tron. 

Midnight - Synthwave Twitch Overlay (Free)

retro 80's twitch overlay preview

Check it out. We’ve got a nice little freebie for you since you made it this far. Midnight is a full package so you can transform your stream into an 80’s synthwave masterpiece in no time at all.


That concludes our list of synthwave Twitch overlays. These overlays not only add a visually stimulating layer to your Twitch streams but also immerse your audience in a world of retro-futuristic nostalgia, where the beats of synthwave music and the glow of neon lights reign supreme.

Deciding on the right overlay pack can be difficult, which is completely understandable. There’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to your personal branding. With that being said, expanding your search parameters can also be a great idea for gaining new ideas and inspiration. Check out some 8-bit overlays or perhaps these minimalist overlays for a new perspective.

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