pixel art stream overlay collection

Pixel Art Stream Overlay Collection

If you’re looking for a pixel art stream overlay then you have come to the right place. If you’re a fan of art, old school games or even retro computing terminals we have a great selection to show you !

When it comes to creating these pixel art overlays all of us get excited. There is nothing quite so nostalgic as a pixel art throwback.

Check out these pixel art overlays below.

Nightfall has a dystopian future theme combined with a pixel art style. If you like dark and futuristic concepts then this is definitely worth checking out.

Check out the matching themed elements below.

Full pack of pixel art widgets to keep your viewers engaged and immersed.

pixel art twitch panels

Bring the pixel theme to your twitch channel page with these matching themed panels.

pixel art facecam

Fully animated webcam overlay. Improve your stream quality on a budget.

Who doesn’t love big fluffy clouds ? This quaint package was designed with peace and tranquillity in mind.

Take your stream to new levels with this peaceful pixel art overlay

8 bit facecam

This animated facecam overlay is a great first step in kickstarting your stream.

These panels are a great way to bring pixel art to your twitch channel page.

Smoothly change scenes with this soothing scene transition.

This overlay package is also design with tranquillity in mind. Overhaul your stream with some beautiful pixel art today.

The pack has all the features needed to embrace your passion for streaming.

Check out the awesome matching individual elements below.

8 bit facecam border

This animated facecam is a great way to upgrade the quality of your stream.

These panels are a great way to give potential viewers an insight of your love for streaming and pixel art.

Smoothly change scenes with this soothing scene transition.

Fluffy is what you get when you combine this cute little character with the color pink.

Check out the cute matching individual elements below.

Cute animated widgets. Keep your viewers engaged with these adorble widgets.

cute 8 bit twitch panels

These panels are the cutest way to upgrade your Twitch channel page.

Change scenes with this cute stinger transition.

This theme is technically pixel art style, however it was designed to be a depiction of old school computer terminals.

If you’re a bit nerdy or just fond of hacker themes then this overlay is perfect for you. 

Change scenes with this epic hacker stinger transition.

8 bit twitch panels

These panels are the perfect way to upgrade your Twitch channel page.

Animated hacker themed widgets. Engage with these highly stylized & unique streaming widgets.

This twitch overlay is one of our all time favourites. This stream overlay combines pixel art & nostalgic city scape themes.

It’s got everything included you need as a streamer. It’s fully animated and even comes with matching alerts, widgets and panels.

If a full stream setup isn’t an option right now, check out some of the related elements below.

Widgets are a great way to engage and inform your viewers. These are highly stylized  widgets and work well alone or paired with other pixel art elements.

Get these panels and bring the city scape vibe straight to you Twitch channel page.

Animated webcam overlay. A great way to kickstart your stream.

Relic is an homage to one of our favourite indie pixel art games of all time “Hyper Light Drifter”.

If you’re familiar with our stream overlay packages, you’ll get the same level of features in this package. It’s got everything you could possibly want to start your streaming journey.

If a full package isn’t for you then check out the individual elements below. We are sure you will love them !

Full pack of widgets to keep your viewers engaged and immersed.

Bring the pixel theme to your twitch channel page with these matching theme panels.

8 bit facecam

Animated webcam overlay. A low cost way to boost your stream quality.

What Platforms Are Supported ?

All of the pixel art themed stream overlays shown here are compatible with Twitch, Youtube & Facebook Gaming.

In addition to this, the overlays work with streaming tools such as OBS, Streamlabs and Streamelements. We even include detailed set up tutorials to guide you step by step through the process. If you still have any issues after consulting the tutorials you can reach out and contact us anytime.

Where To Get A Custom Pixel Art Stream Overlay ?

If you’ve looked through our premade pixel art stream overlays but need something more tailor made then we can help you out. There are two options available to you.

The first, you really like our premade designs but want to incorporate your logo or own branding. To do this, simply reach out to us via our contact page. Let us know which package you want to tweak and we will get back to you shortly.

The second option, you want a stream package made from scratch incorporating to suit your brand needs. We recommend you check out our custom design page for getting a quote. We do mascot logos, overlays, emotes and even widgets.

How To Get A Free Pixel Art Themed Overlay ?

Unfortunately, right now we don’t have any pixel art overlays available for free. However we do have a bunch of free overlays available in our freebies section.

Not only do we have full featured packages for free, we also have individual elements available to download instantly. Whether it’s alerts, stinger transitions or even twitch panels, we have something in store for you.

The best part, we provide source files in some of our free packages. Source files allow you to edit packages with software such as photoshop. Meaning, if you’ve got access to editing software you can add your logo, change colours and personalise the overlays.

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