Horror twitch overlay collection that will give you goosebumps

Horror Twitch Overlays – Spooky Gaming Collection

Transform your stream into a nightmar with these Horror themed Twitch overlays. In this article, we’ll go through a curated list of Twitch overlays designed to give your stream a dark and mysterious vibe. These overlay packs will leave your viewers shivering in excitement.

So, dim the lights, crank up the suspenseful music, and let’s dive into this collection of horror-inspired Twitch overlays.

Undead - Purple Horror Twitch Overlay

purple horror twitch overlays preview depicting dungeon scene with pumpkins and zombie hands

Fancy something near the depths of hell ? Then take a peak at our Undead package, just make sure you don’t wake them. With an eerie purple and orange combo it might be hard to escape this one.

Forsaken - Cute Horror Twitch Overlay

cutesy horror style twitch overlays in haunted house with black cat on window

Forsaken might look a little more tame, but we all know the stuff of nightmares can’t always been seen with the naked eye. This pack has a derelict theme yet an eerie sense that it is not quite yet uninhabited.

Haunted - Horror Twitch Overlay

horror house twitch overlays preview depicting spooky mansion and moon

Look there’s a light on ! We think you should go check it out. 

With a full moon out and bats scouring the skies, nothing shouts horror more than a haunted house.

Cursed - Graveyard Horror Twitch Overlay

graveyard twitch overlays preview with zombies

Cursed horror Twitch overlay pack is not one to meddle with. The foreboding blood orange sunset and awakening dead just scream horror. This is certainly one to freak out your stream. 

Includes matching cursed widgets, panels and more.

Free - Horror Twitch Overlay

Our free horror themed overlay is packed with everything you would need for spooky streams. With classic orange pumpkins and a dark graveyard setting, this theme will give you chills. 


So that’s a wrap on our Horror themed Twitch overlays collection. These overlays are perfect for Horror gaming enthusiasts that tend to play scary games on stream. Remember your overlays are an important part of crafting an immersive viewing experience for your audience.

Understandably deciding on an overlay can sometimes be tricky. If you’re struggling to pick stream overlays for your channel, consider broadening your search horizon. Check different styles like these 8-bit overlays or even something completely different like these red Twitch overlays.

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