using youtube to get 3 concurrent viewers on twitch

Using YouTube To Get 3 Concurrent Viewers On Twitch

If you love streaming on Twitch and want to know how to get 3 concurrent viewers on Twitch and grow your channel. Maybe you’re also driven by the idea of one day being able to support yourself as a full time streamer. If this sounds like you then you’ve probably heard the same vague and mostly useless advice. That’s right having a consistent schedule and tweeting when you’re live is not going to cut it anymore. 

Now if you’ve tried to grow your stream using this method before, then you’re probably elated to hear there’s a more effective solution out there. If you are looking to make a quick buck from streaming then sadly this guide isn’t for you.


Before getting into the most effective growth strategies for Twitch it’s worth firstly discussing the right mentality. The most important part of building a stream is start building in a way that aligns with enjoyment. What I mean by this is that it’s extremely important you stream content that you enjoy and not what you think will get you views. 

When you find a way to stream content that you genuinely love then staying consistent is easy. It also helps you stay motivated when things start out slowly. After all, if you’re genuinely enjoying the process your happiness is not dependant on numbers. This known as outcome-independence. It’s a sort of “do your best and forget the rest” mentality. 

That’s not to say that you can’t focus on growth. In fact it makes the process of growing all the more rewarding.

YouTube ?

You’re probably asking what YouTube has to do with how you can get 3 concurrent viewers on Twitch. Well quite a lot actually, and a lot of streamers have already realised this power and are fully harnessing it to grow their stream.

Let’s first look at the way many streamers are trying to grow their stream.

Twitch Only

Too many streamers are simply firing up their streams in the most popular categories, and hoping to convert a few stragglers into long time viewers. Think about it, when was the last time you really scrolled down a category ? Ok, so on a good day you might get 10 people who check out your stream, the likelihood of any one of those becoming long term viewers is very low.

Why ? For the simple reason that during an 8 hour stream it’s not 8 hours of non stop content. During an 8 hour stream you might have a few minutes of highlight worthy content. The chance of a viewer joining during an exciting moment is pretty low.

The reason big streamers retain new viewers is for the simple fact of social proof. People will assume that if a streamer has a lot of viewers, they’re creating good content. And for this they will stick around longer to find out.

The discoverability on Twitch is also pretty bad. There are no algorithms or strategies you can understand in a bid to use it your advantage.

Grow On YouTube First

As counterproductive as it may sound, growing a YouTube channel first is the best way to grow your Twitch channel. The reason for this is that YouTube can be studied, algorithms can be understood and used to your advantage. Not only this YouTube allows you to condense all of your best moments on stream into videos jam packed with interesting content.

Once you start growing on YouTube people are likely to check out your Twitch stream if they like your content. They are now going into your stream knowing that you create interesting content. These viewers have been primed with your best content and are now a lot more interested in sticking around a maybe even chatting.

Here are 3 things you can do to help grow your YouTube:

  • Learn how to edit your videos, pacing and structure are vital for your videos
  • Create eye catching thumbnails
  • Think of exciting titles that play on peoples curiosity

Obviously this is a very simplified list. However they’re great starting points for rabbit holes to go down. 

Never Stop Improving

Focusing on quality equipment that improve your content is never a bad thing. Additionally you should view live streaming as a constant learning process. Focus on way to improve your content.

At some point you may even want to consider branding or getting a stream overlay package.


As platforms like Twitch grow rapidly it becomes increasingly difficult to get seen. Even trying to find out how to get 3 concurrent viewers on Twitch can seem impossible. Problems like this usually require you to zoom out and consider different options no matter how counterproductive they may seem. YouTube is a much easier platform to grow an audience on. Big and small content creators are already using YouTube to grow an audience which helps grow their Twitch.

Many YouTubers that originally started out on YouTube have gone on to live stream on Twitch. Their existing audience are more than happy to check their stream out on Twitch.

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Liam Doherty

Liam Doherty

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