getting a custom overlay for twitch

Getting A Custom Overlay For Twitch

One of the cornerstones for Twitch branding is having a custom overlay. There are quite a few ways that you can get stream overlays custom made. We will cover these various options in order to help you make the best decision for your channel and branding.

Having a custom Twitch overlay is very important if you understand the value of high quality branding. Your overlays should be consistent with your personality, and the content which you choose to stream. As an example, if your content is based on discussing serious topics in the real world, having goofy and over the top designs will communicate the wrong message to your viewers.

Custom Twitch Overlays On Fiverr

One of the best ways to get a custom Twitch overlay is by finding a designer on Fiverr. It’s one of the most popular platforms that Twitch artists and designers use. Each designer has their own unique style, giving you plenty of choice to find designers that can bring your vision to life.

How To Find A Designer On Fiverr ?

If you’ve never used Fiverr before it’s important to understand how it works. Designers can create Gigs which is a listing for the services they offer. These gigs contain all the information about the process and what’s included. Each gig has it’s own price set by the seller.

The quickest way to find relevant gigs is by searching Twitch overlays in search bar. If you have a more specific style in mind you can prefix the search. E.g Pixel Twitch Overlays.

fiverr search bar with the text twitch overlays

You’ll then be shown a huge list of gigs that offer services for creating a custom Twitch overlay. At this stage it’s important to do research on any potential gigs that you’re interested in. Some things to take into consideration are, reviews, response time and the sellers previous work.

fiverr twitch overlay gig reviews

Each gig has a section where you can read reviews. Make sure to read both positive and negative reviews. This will give you a better idea of where the seller excels, and where they’re lacking.

custom twitch overlay gig review reel fiverr

Each gig has a media preview section. It contains both previous work examples and media uploaded by the seller. Make sure to scroll across to the delivered work examples. You’ll know that it’s previously delivered work by the black bar at the bottom of the image with a review excerpt. It’s important to check previous work because often sellers show significantly higher quality work in their previews then what they actually deliver.

Recommended Gigs

Commission A Custom Twitch Overlay

Working directly with a designer is one of the best ways to get quality results from your project. There are a few ways to get an overlay commissioned for your stream. Twitter is a very popular way of finding and connecting with designers. Try searching a few different hashtags and see if you can find an artist. Behance makes it really easy to find talented designers who are available for hire.

Once you’ve found a designer whose work you’re impressed with, reach out to them and simply ask if they are accepting custom overlay commissions. To save time it’s a good idea to contact a few different designers, as some may be fully booked.

Designer Outreach Template

Hey {designers name},

I came across your designs and was really impressed by the work that you’ve created. I’m currently looking to get overlays made for my channel and think you would be a great fit for the style that I am looking for. If you’re open for commissions and would like to work together please let me know.

If you have a pricing list please send it through so I can check if they’re in line with my budget.

All the best,
{your name}

*It’s important to let the designer know that you’re going to be a paying client. You’d be surprised at how many people expect a designer to work for free. This will increase the likelihood of getting a response.

Create A Custom Twitch Overlay

If you want full control of creating your overlays there are a few options available to you. Those familiar with making graphics or just up for a challenge can create your own Twitch overlays using free online tools. This process can take a lot of time, which is important to understand before undertaking any new projects. It also requires you to have an understanding of advanced design software and principles. Without this knowledge there’s a steep learning curve to get comfortable with the tools.

If this sounds too time consuming but you still want to have control of your channels branding, overlay creation tools are worth consideration. As opposed to general design software, overlay tools like PlaceIt have been streamlined to create overlays specifically for streamers. It’s important to understand that whilst these tools make it easier to jump in and create an overlay quickly. They lack a lot of advanced features and flexibility that software such as Photoshop can offer.

If your goal is to create some clean and simple overlays without a huge time investment then overlay creation tools are perfect.  For those wanting to create more detailed overlays and don’t mind spending time learning new skills, using design software is a good choice.

Customize A Stream Package Template

If you don’t want to spend unnecessary time and money, customising a stream package is the way to go. There’s a lot of premade stream packages out there that offer varying levels of customisation. The best approach is to first find a stream overlay package that closely matches your brand’s theme and also offers customisation.

This form of customisation is usually quite limited. But if you want to add your logo or change colours then it’s definitely worth considering.

If you want to try this method out, you can get a free template. You will need some form of design software in order to edit these custom templates.  

What If I Don't Have Photoshop ?

You may have noticed that a lot of custom overlay templates come in the PSD format. This is the file format that Photoshop uses to save files. Most streamers don’t have a copy of Photoshop nor do they want to buy one. Luckily there’s a free photoshop alternative called Photopea that can open these PSD files. This gives you the ability to edit design template files completely free.

This software makes editing custom overlay files accessible to everyone. It still takes time getting to grips with the application when learning how to edit the templates.

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