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Removing Twitch Followers After a Follow Bot Attack

As a Twitch streamer, encountering follow-bot attacks is a challenge that can disrupt the authenticity of your channel. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of detecting and eliminating fake followers, a common aftermath of such attacks. We’ll look at some essential Twitch tools provided by CommanderRoot to streamline this process, ensuring it’s both effective and user-friendly.

But it’s not just about removal; it’s also crucial to recognize when you’ve been hit by follow-botting. Identifying these instances early is key to taking swift action, which is instrumental in preserving the integrity and credibility of your Twitch community. 

Beyond dealing with the immediate effects, we focus on long-term solutions. This guide includes strategies to proactively shield your channel from future follow-bot intrusions. By adopting these preventative measures, you’re not just reacting to problems – you’re actively securing a genuine, engaging, and bot-free environment for your loyal audience.

Removing Follow-Bot Followers on Twitch: Quick Guide

If you think you’ve been hit by a follow bot attack, the steps below will help you identify and deal with these fake followers. For those still uncertain about the authenticity of their new followers, we provide further guidance later in this article to help you spot the telltale signs of a follow bot attack.

    1. Visit CommanderRoot Tool: Navigate to the CommanderRoot Follower Remover Tool website to initiate the process.
    2. Log In via Twitch: At the bottom of the page, click on “Login Via Twitch” to access the tool with your Twitch account.

      logging in to twitch using commander roots follow tool

    3. Authorize the Tool: Select “Authorize” to permit the tool to access and analyze your Twitch channel’s follower data.
    4. Filter Followers: In the ‘Filter Results’ section, use the “Followed At” date range to isolate followers added on the date of the suspected follow bot attack.

      filter follow bots using commander roots tool

    5. Identify Bot Activity: If the attack date is unknown, select “Show more stats” to view a breakdown of days with unusual follower increases.
    6. Apply Bot Filters: Change the “Is Known Bot” setting to ‘Yes’ and hit “Apply Filters” to generate a list of probable bot accounts.
    7. Remove Fake Followers: Once you’ve confirmed the list, use “Remove All Followers Listed Below -> Remove Followers and block” to delete these followers and prevent them from re-following. Ensure certainty in this decision as it is irreversible.

      mass removing followers from twitch

Identifying If You’ve Been a Victim of Follow Botting on Twitch

Follow botting on Twitch refers to the practice of artificially inflating a streamer’s follower count using automated bots. This can happen without the streamer’s consent and often results in a sudden, inexplicable surge in followers. While it might superficially boost follower numbers, follow botting violates Twitch’s terms of service and can have negative implications for your channel’s authenticity and credibility.

To determine if you’ve been a victim of follow botting, look out for these key indicators:

    • Sudden Spike in Followers: A large and unexpected increase in your follower count over a very short period, especially if it doesn’t correlate with recent streams or promotions.
    • Lack of Engagement: Despite the increase in followers, there’s no corresponding rise in viewer engagement during your streams. This can include low chat activity, minimal interaction, or a discrepancy between viewer count and follower count.
    • Generic Follower Profiles: Many new followers have generic or incomplete profiles with little to no activity. These profiles often lack a profile picture, bio, or past activity.
    • Unusual Follower Names: A pattern of followers with nonsensical, random, or very similar usernames could indicate they are bot accounts.
    • Inconsistency with Streaming Schedule: The follower spike does not align with your streaming schedule or recent content changes that could realistically attract new viewers.
    • Community Feedback: Regular viewers or community members might comment on the sudden rise in followers or notice the discrepancy themselves.
    • Analytics Anomalies: Check your Twitch analytics for irregularities. A sudden change in follower demographics or sources that don’t align with your usual analytics patterns can be a red flag.

Recognizing these signs early on is crucial for taking appropriate action. If you suspect that you’ve been a victim of follow botting, it’s important to address the situation promptly to maintain the authenticity of your Twitch channel.

Impact Of Follow Botting and Why You Should Take Action

Follow botting on Twitch, while seemingly harmless at first glance, can have profound and lasting effects on your channel. It’s not just a matter of inflated follower numbers; there are several reasons why this issue requires immediate attention.

The Negative Impact of Follow Botting:

    1. Violates Twitch’s Terms of Service: Engaging in or benefiting from follow botting is against Twitch’s policies. It can lead to penalties, including the suspension or banning of your channel.
    2. Skews Channel Metrics: Artificially inflated follower counts disrupt the accuracy of your channel’s analytics. This makes it challenging to gauge genuine audience growth and engagement, crucial for content strategy and sponsorships.
    3. Damages Credibility: Authenticity is key in the Twitch community. Follow botting can tarnish your reputation, making it hard to build trust with your audience and potential collaborators.
    4. Affects Partner and Affiliate Opportunities: Twitch’s partner and affiliate programs have criteria based on genuine viewer engagement. Follow botting can jeopardize these opportunities, as Twitch scrutinizes the authenticity of your follower base.
    5. Hinders Community Building: A core aspect of Twitch streaming is community engagement. A follower count boosted by bots provides a false sense of community size and can demotivate both the streamer and genuine viewers.
    6. Potential for Increased Spam and Security Risks: Bots can sometimes be linked to spamming activities, putting your channel at risk of being associated with malicious content.

Addressing follow botting is essential for the success of your channel on Twitch. It goes beyond just tidying up your follower list; it’s about maintaining the integrity of your channel and earning the trust of the Twitch community. By eliminating fake followers, you ensure that your analytics are accurate, which is vital for developing a sound content strategy and truly understanding your audience. This approach not only cleans up your current viewer base but also paves the way for genuine, organic Twitch channel growth.

Preventing Follow Bot Attacks In Future

prevent follow bot attacks banner

Dealing with a follow bot attack can be frustrating, especially when it comes to cleaning up afterward. Fortunately, there’s a powerful tool called Sery_Bot that can stop these follow bot attacks before you even realize they’ve happened. Sery_Bot is a powerful Twitch bot, designed to keep a vigilant eye on your Twitch followers, automatically bans and blocks any recognized bots. 

Beyond just monitoring for follow bots, Sery_Bot comes equipped with a variety of features, such as its ability to deal with hate raids. It constantly scans your follower list, swiftly identifying and dealing with bot accounts. This is particularly advantageous as it saves you from the laborious task of manually checking your followers, streamlining your channel management and offering peace of mind.

Setting Up Sery_Bot

To set up and use Sery_Bot effectively on your Twitch channel, follow these steps:

    1. Mod Sery_Bot in Your Channel: Start by making Sery_Bot a moderator. In your chat, type `/mod sery_bot`. This step is necessary to empower the bot with the ability to ban bots from your channel.
    2. Authorize the Bot for Your Channel: Next, you need to give Sery_Bot permission to interact with your channel. Click here to authorize the bot. This authorization is crucial for the bot to receive notifications about your stream’s status, detect new followers, and block bots on your behalf.
    3. Join Sery_Bot’s Chat: After completing the first two steps, go to Sery_Bot’s chat and type `!join`. You should receive a confirmation message if everything is set up correctly. If there’s an issue, the bot will inform you of what’s missing. Once successful, Sery_Bot will begin joining your channel during your live streams.
    4. Enable Follow Ban Feature (Optional): If you want Sery_Bot to ban or block known bots as soon as they follow, type `!followban` in Sery_Bot’s chat. This function allows the bot to monitor your account for new follows continuously, even when you’re offline.
    5. Activate Offline Channel Lock (Optional): For added security when you’re not streaming, type `!offlinelock` in Sery_Bot’s chat. This feature helps prevent spam and hate raids during the times you’re offline and unable to moderate your chat.


In conclusion, navigating the challenges of follow-bot attacks on Twitch can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it’s manageable. This guide has walked you through identifying if you’ve been a victim of such attacks, understanding their impact, and the crucial steps to remove these unwanted followers using the CommanderRoot Tool. We’ve emphasized the importance of maintaining your channel’s integrity and the trust of the Twitch community by dealing promptly with follow bots.

Looking to the future, tools like Sery_Bot offer a proactive solution to safeguard your channel. Its ability to monitor, identify, and block bot accounts automates and simplifies the process of maintaining a clean and authentic follower list. By following the setup steps for Sery_Bot, you empower your channel with a vigilant guard against bot attacks, allowing you to focus more on creating great content and less on channel maintenance.

Remember, the battle against follow bots is ongoing, but with these strategies in place, you’re well-equipped to protect your channel and ensure its growth is driven by genuine engagement. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and continue to foster the authentic community that makes Twitch streaming so rewarding.

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