how to remove twitch follow bots

How To Remove Twitch Follow Bots

If you have recently been the victim of fake followers, and are worried about the repercussions then you have come to the right place. This post will show you how to remove how to remove twitch follow bots. Being on the receiving end of a follow bot attack can be both frustrating and deflating. After all your hard and genuine efforts to grow your audience organically. Luckily there is a solution available. Although not a perfect solution it is the best option out there, especially if you act quick enough.

Keep in mind that this is a very powerful tool and has the ability to completely wipe your follow list if required. After the followers have been removed there is no backup or way to undo those changes. So make sure you read the instructions carefully and take your time to understand the process.

We’ll cover two ways of removing followers here. The first is a manual process of removing individual followers. This is good for troublesome or annoying followers. However, in more sinister cases where you’ve been follow botted this method will prove much too tedious. Luckily there’s a second method for removing a a large amount of bot followers.

How to Remove Followers On Twitch (Individual)

  1. Head over to commander root follower remover tool
  2. Select Login Via Twitch located at the bottom of the page

    logging in to twitch using commander roots follow tool

  3. Select Authorize to authorize the follow remover tool to access data from your Twitch channel. This step is necessary as it allows the tool to find information on your followers, and later on remove them.

    authorizing twitch account with commander roots follow tool

  4. Once authorized you’ll be shown a list of accounts that follow you on Twitch.

    list of followers shown from commander roots website

  5. Select the Red Icon next to the follower that you would like to remove and choose from one of the three options. In this case we’re choosing Remove Follow and Block User From Re-Following.

    follower removal options from commander roots tool

How to Remove Followers On Twitch (Follow Bots)

  1. Head over to comman