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Mastering the Art of Bio-Writing: A Twitch Streamer’s Guide

When starting off on Twitch, many new streamers focus on finding good equipment, setting up their streaming software, and creating their stream overlays. And while all of these things are important, one aspect that many streamers overlook is their Twitch bio. Streamers often leave this section of their channel completely blank, but this can be a big mistake. First impressions are essential on Twitch, so having a great bio can sometimes make a big difference in viewership.

A Twitch bio is the brief introductory text at the top of a channel’s profile, next to your social links. It’s limited to just 300 characters or less, so it’s essential to keep it short and sweet! In this brief guide, we’ll touch on how you can change your bio, what makes a good Twitch bio, and some examples of great ones.

What Makes a Good Twitch Bio?

Because Twitch bios can only be 300 characters or less, you should use the characters available to you wisely. A good Twitch bio should get your necessary information across including who you are, what sort of content you stream, and properly show off your personality. Leaving a CTA (call to action) is also essential.

Far too often, Twitch bios attempt to stuff in too much information, come across as boring or bland, or left completely blank. These can make channels seem less appealing to potential viewers and may result in fewer viewers. 

How to Change Your Bio on Twitch

In general personalizing your Twitch channel is simple and straightforward. This also holds true for changing the bio on your channel page. Here are the steps that you’ll need to follow:

  1. Log into Twitch and click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the option Creator Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings and then Channel on the side menu. Select the tab labeled About.
  3. Next, go down to the “Profile Settings” section. Go to the section labeled Bio. Change your bio to whatever you would like. Once finished, click save changes.
changing your twitch bio

How to Write a Twitch Bio

The process of writing a Twitch bio is pretty simple – get straight to the point by introducing yourself, sharing what sort of content that you stream, and state your CTA. Have a bit of personality in your profile.

If you’re struggling to come up with your channel bio, then try the following:

  • Watch other Twitch streamers. Look at popular channels, both big streamers and also streamers with modest followings. Look at their bios. Take into account the type of content that they make.
  • Write down your interests and the type of games you like to play.
  • Think about what sort of vibe or theme your Twitch channel is (or you want it to be, if you haven’t created your channel yet).

Some common pitfalls that make for bad bios:

  • Info that is too generic, and fails to set yourself apart from other channels (“I like to play Fortnite with friends”).
  • Bios that share too much about your personal life outside of streaming and gaming (I love watching movies, going on hikes, and working fulltime as a personal chef). The exception to this is if you happen to be an IRL streamer and do all of these activities on stream. And while this info might feel extraneous in your bio, it could fit perfectly lower down on the channel page in your About Me panel.
  • Coming across as rude, self-absorbed, or unwelcoming. While sharing your accolades are great, don’t use your whole bio to brag if you’ve won tournaments. Additionally, don’t use your bio for stating rules and banning offenses. This info should be saved for a Rules panel. You want to come across as humble, friendly, and welcoming.
  • Leaving your bio blank. Having an empty bio makes you appear that you’re either a complete noob, or just don’t care. Massive streamers can get away with this, but if you’re just a beginner, we recommend writing a bio – it will make you appear more professional, and helps to add some extra personality to your channel.

Utilizing an About Me Panel

Because bios are stricting limited in length, streamers have to think strategically about what they say on their bios. But thankfully, if you were wanting to share more about yourself on your channel page you’re in luck – with panels, you can add an entire About Me section. Panels are intended to share information regarding your channel. Common panel sections include Rules, Donate, Discord, and of course an About Me panel.

Under your About Me panel, you’re free to share literally whatever you’d like about yourself – things such as your personal hobbies, your favorite video game genres, what you do for a living, the area that you live, and anything else. Obviously, make sure that you protect your privacy by not sharing anything too personal, but sharing basic info should be fine. The About Me panel is a perfect way for first-time viewers to get to know you a bit better, and get an idea of your personality.

Using AI to help write a Twitch Bio

While there’s been a lot of controversy over AI writing software, it’s clear that AI can be an excellent writing tool, particularly when it comes to technical writing. Chat GPT can be a great way to write a Twitch bio for your channel, or at the very least, help to serve as a great jumping off point if you’re having trouble getting started.

To start, you’ll want to go to and create an account. Once you’re in Chat GPT’s chat page, you’re ready to start. Enter a prompt that’s descriptive and long enough for Chat GPT to create a bio that is accurate to what you need. 

Here are some examples of what we managed to come up with while using the AI writing tool:

Prompt: Write me Twitch bio for a live streamer that enjoys streaming horror games. Bio must be 300 characters long or less.

ChatGPT:  “Welcome to my nightmare! I’m a horror game enthusiast who loves to scare myself (and you) silly on Twitch. Join me as we explore the darkest corners of gaming and try not to scream too loud. Come for the jump scares, stay for the laughs! 🔪🎮”

Prompt: write a Twitch bio for a live streamer that does live makeup tutorials and also occasionally plays Animal Crossing. Bio must be 300 characters long or less.

ChatGPT: “Welcome to my island paradise! I’m a makeup artist by day and Animal Crossing enthusiast by night. Join me on Twitch for live makeup tutorials, island tours, and all things cute and colorful. Let’s create some virtual beauty together! 💄🏝️

Prompt: Write a Twitch bio for a live streamer that streams Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Bio must be 300 characters or less.

ChatGPT: “Welcome to my realm of imagination! I’m a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master on Twitch, and I love nothing more than weaving epic stories with my players. Join me for live campaigns, character creation, and all things D&D. Let’s embark on an adventure together! 🐉🎲

As you can see, ChatGPT isn’t perfect but it does a fantastic job at quickly creating a good starting point. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be descriptive and specific with your prompt, so that the chat AI has a clear direction for your bio. Go to ChatGPT and try it out for yourself!

Examples of Great Twitch Bios

Next, let’s take a look at some real-world examples of great Twitch bios. Here are some examples of Twitch stream bios that work:


twitch streamer thereluctanthermits bio

TheReluctantHermit’s is great as it answers the three most important questions (who are you, what do you stream, how to follow/contact you). Additionally, he does so while very effectively showing off his personality, which is fun, welcoming, and goofy. 

While not a huge channel in terms of numbers, TheReluctantHermit has more than made up for that by building a strong and loyal follower base, and judging by his bio, it’s easy to see why.


twitch streamer turtlewax bio

Turtlewax85 is another streamer with a great Twitch bio. His bio, similarly to Hermit, is very welcoming. But one difference in his bio is that more of the bio is dedicated to sharing about himself by stating games that he played throughout his childhood and sharing a bit about collecting. 

But again, Turtlewax85 is very welcoming in his bio, which tells new viewers that he’s a very friendly streamer. While this isn’t as important for massive streamers, being personable is very important for smaller streamers. If there was any critique, it would be that Turtlewax85 doesn’t have a CTA – however, he does link to his YouTube channel which is a plus.


twitch streamer lexicat bio

If you mainly play games that fall under one particular game or category, then it might be a good idea to share that in your bio. Some bios can even be themed to fit the vibe of the types of games that you stream. Lexicat does exactly this with his profile, as her channel reflects the fact that she mostly only streams Dead by Daylight. 

In her bio, she introduces herself, states that she streams Dead by Daylight, and adds a bit of personality by stating that she’s “the locker girl of the fog.” To cap it off, she adds her email for business inquiries. Overall, Lexicat has a very solid bio that’s short and to the point!


twitch streamer missclick bio

Lastly, here’s the bio of a fairly big Twitch streamer, MissClick. Her bio is one example of how a bio can work well even without the use of full sentences. Her bio simply states all of the relevant info about her channel, with each separated by brackets (with still some room for silliness at the end). 

She tells us what type of content she creates by stating that she is a full-time variety streamer, shares her allocations by sharing that she is a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, and then adds in “cat mom” and “secretly Zelda irl” just for fun, which tells us a bit about her personality. Additionally, all of the CTAs are saved for the very bottom, with her social media links.

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