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Display Twitch Chat Overlay In Game On A Single Monitor

Starting out as a Twitch streamer often involves utilizing limited equipment that you have on hand, and for many, that means setting up with a single monitor. This limitation presents a unique challenge: how to stay up to date with conversations and interactions in chat without your content suffering. A common workaround is to rely on a phone or tablet to read Twitch chat—a good solution, but not always ideal. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could have the chat displayed as an overlay on your main screen?

In this article we’re going to introduce you to the best software for setting up Twitch chat overlay on a single monitor even whilst you’re in game. We’ll also show you step by step how to set it up and configure it.

How To Show Twitch Chat Overlay On A Single Monitor

To display Twitch chat on a single monitor, you’ll need the Transparent Twitch Chat Overlay software. Notably, it’s a popular choice and gets regular updates but is exclusive to Windows.

Here’s a simplified setup guide:

    1. Visit the latest release page.
    2. At the bottom, download and install the exe version.

      transparent twitch chat overlay windows installer

    3. Upon downloading and attempting to install, click “More Info” if needed to see the “Run Anyway” option and proceed with the installation.
    4. Open the program and access the settings with the button in the top left corner.

      transparent twitch chat overlay tool main screen

    5. In settings, type in your Twitch username to link your chat.
    6. Notice a dropdown at the lower left, preset to “KapChat(Default)”. Adjust the chat look here. If you’re using Streamlabs or StreamElements for a custom chatbox design, select the “Custom URL” option in the dropdown.

      settings page for adding username to the transparent twitch chat tool

    7. After saving, the program syncs with your channel. Test by typing in your chat.

      connecting to chat

    8. For a cleaner view, right-click the taskbar icon and select “Toggle Borders” to hide/unhide the UI.

      toggle borders option from taskbar

    9. Once set, the chat overlay will appear over other apps, letting you view chat during gameplay.


Navigating Twitch as a streamer with only one monitor can be tricky, but as we’ve seen, solutions exist to make the process smoother. The Transparent Twitch Chat Overlay tool specifically offers a streamlined method for Windows users, enabling them to stay immersed in their game while actively engaging with their audience. By integrating chat directly onto your gameplay screen, you bypass the need for additional devices and maintain the quality of your content. Implementing this setup means a better streaming experience for both you and your viewers. So, set it up, dive into your game, and stay up to date with your chat!

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