twitch graphic sizes definitive guide

All Graphics Size & Dimensions For Twitch : Definitive Guide

In this guide we’re going to run you through all the size and dimensions related to Twitch graphics. When you begin the process of organising all the overlays and graphics for your stream, having an overview of the different upload requirements is essential. You’ll be able to quickly reference this list when sourcing the graphics to make sure they’re compatible.

We’ll cover the requirements for each Twitch graphic in depth throughout this guide including max file size, dimensions, compatible file types, and availability. Dimensions are usually described as Width x Height. The availability requirement is related to streaming levels (Streamer, Affiliate, Partner). If you’re having trouble meeting any of these recommended requirements we’ll discuss how to optimise your files for streaming further down in this guide. Note that some graphics do not have strict size or dimension requirements. In these cases we’ll simply give you a recommendation from our extensive experience of creating stream overlays and graphics.


Twitch Stream Graphic Sizes

Graphic TypeDimensions (Pixels)Max SizeFile TypeAvailability
Twitch Profile Picture Size512x512 (px)10mbGIF, JPG, PNGAll Streamers
Twitch Banner Size1200x480 (px)10mbGIF, JPG, PNGAll Streamers
Twitch Offline Banner Size1080x720 (px)10mbGIF, JPG, PNGAll Streamers
Twitch Panel Size320x80 (px)10mbGIF, JPG, PNGAll Streamers
Webcam Overlay Size1280x720 / 800x600 (px)12mbPNG, WEBMAll Streamers
Socials / Labels Overlay Size​1920X200 (px)5MBPNG,WEBMAll Streamers
Twitch Emote Size​​28x28 / 56x56 / 112x112 (px)25kbPNGPartner/Affiliate
Twitch Sub Badge Size​18x18 / 36x36 / 72x72 (px)25kbPNGPartner/Affiliate
Twitch Cheermote Size​112x112 (px)500kbGIFPartner
Cheer Badges18x18 / 36x36 / 72x72 (px)25kbPNGPartner/Affiliate
Cheer Emote Rewards​28x28 / 56x56 / 112x112 (px)25kbPNGPartner/Affiliate
Twitch Channel Points Icon Size​28x28 / 56x56 / 112x112 (px)25kbPNGPartner/Affiliate
Twitch Thumbnail Size​1280x720 (px)5mbPNG, JPGAll Streamers
Twitch Alert Size​800x300 (px)3mbPNG, WEBMAll Streamers
Twitch Chat Box Size​​800x800 (px)5mbPNG, WEBMAll Streamers
Event List Size​​​800x160 (px)2mbPNG, WEBMAll Streamers
Donation Goal Size​800x160 (px)3mbPNG, WEBMAll Streamers

Twitch Profile Picture Size

The first graphic in this size guide is the Twitch profile photo. This graphic is an essential part of branding for your Twitch channel. When potential viewers scroll through a list of streamers the only piece of your branding that’s visible is the profile picture. Images are well known to be more memorable than written text and can be processed at a much higher rate. Viewers scanning through their follow list or favourite category will notice your profile picture first above all else. As such it’s crucial that you’re utilising a profile picture to stay relevant and recognisable amongst a sea of other streamers.

twitch profile picture best size and dimensions illustrated

The best Twitch profile picture size is 512×512 pixels. As long as your dimensions are 1:1 aspect ratio and the file does not exceed 10mb you’ll have no issues uploading.

The quickest way to set your profile picture is by going to your profile settings -> Update Profile Picture -> Upload Photo.

The supported file formats for profile pictures are JPEG, PNG or GIF.