the best stream widgets for twitch

The Best Stream Widgets For Twitch

Using widgets for your stream is one of the best ways to increase engagement within your community. These widgets are often overlooked by new streamers who haven’t yet come to understand the massive benefits of utilizing them. We’ll show you all the best widgets available out there, and we’ll also explain the benefits of each one. There’s quite a lot of widget types out there, and it can be overwhelming deciding which ones to choose for your stream. We aim to give you a better idea of each individual widget so that you can make the best choice for your stream and begin to see some real results.

How Do Widgets Work ?

Typically widgets are set up through your chosen streaming platform. The process of setting up each widget varies from platform to platform. However usually they follow the same process for getting them to show up on your stream. Your personal widgets are usually assigned a unique URL. You’re then able to add this unique URL to a browser source in broadcasting software such as OBS.

The widgets will update in real time to any new events that happened whilst streaming and will be reflected on your stream.

Free Stream Widgets

We’ve put together some of the best free widgets for you to use for your stream. All of them are designed to be customised and easy to setup.

Incision Free Stream Widgets

This free widgets package includes everything you need to increase engagement with you audience. These particular widgets are compatible with Streamlabs and include alerts, chat overlay, event list and goals. The alerts work with Twitch, YouTube & Facebook and the text can be customised for each one. There’s a variety of goals included, such as follow, dono and bits.

incision free streamlabs widgets

Free Social Media Overlay

Using this lower thirds widget you’ll be able to remind your viewers to follow you on different platforms. You can choose up to 7 platforms and set the username of each one. Both the font size and timing settings can be customised. This particular widget is only compatible with Streamlabs.

customisable social overlay widgets for streamlabs

High-Tek Free Custom Alerts

High-Tek alerts are full compatible with Streamlabs. Each alerts colors can be customized using custom fields. In addition to the color you’ll be able to change the text shown in each alert to really add some personalisation.

Premium Stream Widgets

At Hexeum we provide premade and easy to install stream widgets for platforms such as Streamlabs and Streamelements. These widgets are already preconfigured and can be imported using fast install links for Streamlabs. In the case of Streamelements we provide detailed set up instructions. We understand the importance of being able to customise your graphics so we’ve also added a bunch of customisation options so they can be tailored to your own branding.


Here’s a look at some of the customisation options we offer for both Streamlabs and Streamelements. These options were designed to give you more control over the widgets and your branding. Each option is explained in depth within our package install guide.


stream widgets customisation streamelements


Lower Thirds App On Streamlabs

This is another application developed by us at Hexeum for the Streamlabs app store. One of the best ways to stay connected with your community when you’re offline is by updating them through different platforms. By using a social overlay during your stream you’ll be able to remind your viewers to follow you on these other platforms. Using our lower thirds app, you’ll be able to create follow reminders for all the top platforms. You can customise the style, colors and timing. 

Streamlabs Widgets

Streamlabs is one of the best places to use widgets for your stream. They’ve got a huge selection of widgets to choose from. They’ve got chat widgets, event list’s and even goal widgets. Aside from some of the more popular widgets you can also find some game widgets all designed with viewer engagment in mind.

streamlabs dashboard widgets

If you’re comfortable with coding you’ll be happy to know that a lot of the widgets support custom code. Whilst you can customize each widget with some of the preset options, for full control of the widgets look and functionality we recommend using custom code.

To start using custom code, first navigate to a widget that you’d like to customise. Then once on it’s setting’s page scroll down and look for the options Enable Custom HTML/css. Once enabled you’ll see three new tabs where you’ll be able to input code. If you don’t see the enable button it’s likely that custom code isn’t available for that particular widget.

enabling custom code on streamlabs

Streamelements Widgets

Streamelements is another hugely popular platform that offers streaming widgets. There’s a huge list of available widgets, such as donation goals, alerts, giveaway, chat and much more. All of these widgets come with a variety of customisation options so they can be personalised to match your brand.

In addition to these widgets, you’ll be able to set up all your overlays and widgets in one single scene. Streamelements call these scenes overlays, and each overlay is given a unique link which plugs into a browser source.

Streamelements overlays

Stream DPS

Streamdps have a very large collection of useful widgets for your stream. They have both free and premium options available. If you only need a single widget then you’ll be able to purchase it on a one off basis. However if you’d like access to the whole suite of tools and widgets, you can avail of their subscription which is very reasonably priced at €7.99 per month or €59.99 per year.

stream dps widgets showcase

We personally found the Twitch new followers and subs increase timer widget super useful and unique. As the name suggests this widget can be configured to increase a time every time somebody follows or subscribes. If you ever plan on running a streamathon or already run them, you’ll recognise how useful this widget will be to you.


TipeeeStream is another all in one approach for your widgets. Similar to what Streamelements and Streamlabs offer, you’ll be able to setup the most popular widgets like the alerts, goals and counter tools. One great thing about TipeeeStream is that you can build all of your overlays, widgets and text into one scene. Each scene will be give a unique link gets added to your broadcasting software such as OBS, XSplit or Lightstream.

tipeeestream widgets


Triggerfyre is a really fun widget anyone’s stream that let’s you easily set up and manage media triggers. Once the conditions for these triggers are met on stream your chosen media will be triggered. This media can be images, videos or sound. These triggers can also be linked to channel point rewards. Additionally triggers can also be setup to change your scenes or toggle sources in OBS.

triggerfyre media triggers


Widgets are clearly one of the best ways to get your viewers more involved with your stream. Widgets come in all shapes and sizes, each one serving a specific purpose and offering unique benefits. There’s no limit to how many widgets you can use on your stream, as long as they don’t become too cluttered and distracting from the main content.

The best way to decide which widgets are best for your stream, is to sit down and plan out your current streaming goals. With that in mind, weigh up the benefits of each widget type and decide which ones will be most impactful.

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