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All of our twitch lower thirds in one place. These packages contain a wide variety of lower thirds to suit your needs.

Highly customisable and easy to setup. Choose up to 7 major platforms.

What Are Lower Thirds ?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of lower thirds. They are essentially an animated overlay or popup to display social media handles.
If you have watched any big streamer or YouTuber you have probably noticed an animation that appears from time to time.
It's purpose is usually to display all of the content creators relevant social media.
These are known as lower thirds. These elements can play a crucial part in helping a streamers connect with their viewers on other platforms.

How Do They Work ?

Our twitch lower thirds are setup with Streamlabs. Using custom code, these social overlays allow you to choose up to 7 major platforms.
Using quick setup and easy import links, you can have these lower thirds setup within minutes. They use the Streamlabs sponsor banner.
Once setup, take the Streamlabs sponsor banner url and put it into a browser source in OBS or Streamlabs.


Along with being easy to setup, these products are highly customizable. This can be achieved using custom fields in Streamlabs.
This post will take you through in detail how to setup one of our free lower thirds products.
It covers setup, but also details how you can customize each username and also adjust the animation length.
Finally it gives details on getting the elements to show up in Streamlabs or OBS.