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What Are Twitch Alerts ?

what are twitch alerts

Twitch Alerts are used by streamers to receive notifications when important actions are taken by their supporters during a stream – follows, subscribes or donations. These real-time notifications let both the streamer and their viewers know that an interesting event has occurred. Twitch alerts come in many forms; animated videos, GIFs, text and sound effects.

Twitch alerts are one of the best ways to engage with your community and never miss an important event. These alerts are most commonly added to your stream using software such as OBS, Streamlabs, StreamElements or even directly within Twitch itself.

How To Setup Twitch Alerts ?

Twitch alerts are set up and added to your stream using software such as OBS, Streamlabs or StreamElements. Each software will have slightly different steps, but the overall process is very similar. You’ll firstly install the alerts and then add them to your broadcasting software via a browser source.

Check out our Streamlabs quick install instructions below.

twitch alerts on Streamlabs
    1. Download your alerts from our store once you’ve made a purchase
    2. Extract the Zip file on your computer and open up the README file
    3. Look for the quick install link and click it. This will begin importing the alert pack to your account
    4. Copy the unique widget URL of your alert box from Streamlabs dashboard
    5. Create a browser source in OBS or Alert Box in Streamlabs Desktop and paste in your Widget URL
    6. Run a test alert from the Streamlabs dashboard, and confirm everything is working in OBS

Those using Streamlabs desktop don’t need to paste the URL, it’s integrated into the alert source.

What Platforms Do These Alerts Work With ?

twitch alerts platform compatibility

We’ve configured our alerts to integrate quickly and easily with the industry’s top platforms and software. Whether you’re a Streamlabs or StreamElements user, you’ll be able to use our alerts across the biggest streaming platforms – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Trovo, we’ve got you covered.

Similarly when it comes to software, these alerts will work with OBS, Streamlabs desktop, XSplit and more. Basically if your broadcasting software supports browser sources, compatibility won’t be an issue.

Alerts For Every Event

Get the best Twitch alert packs that cover you for the most frequent types of interactions and events on stream. See all twitch alert types below.

Purple Twitch Alerts

Free Twitch Alerts

free twitch alerts

We often get asked if we’ve got any free twitch alerts available in store. The answer is yes! Fortunately our ever growing list of freebies include a selection of free alerts, available to download instantly. Some of our free alerts cover hugely popular styles, including Japanese, E-Sports and Neon themes.

These free alert packs are a great starting point for anyone looking to get to  grips with alert notifications, or perhaps testing the best combination of software to use for your stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitch alerts work by keeping the streamer up to date on real-time events and interactions from their viewers. It’s good etiquette to thank viewers for their support and show your appreciation for them. Using alerts make sure you’ll never miss support from your viewers again.

Twitch alerts work with streaming software such as Streamlabs, StreamElements or more recently, directly within Twitch itself.

They’re not a requirement for streaming, but they’re highly recommended. Viewers have come to expect their favorite streamers to thank them for their support when they engage. Alert notifications make it easier for you to show your appreciation to viewers. This in turn will make more viewers want to support you.

For alerts to work you’ll need some combination of the following – OBS, Streamlabs or StreamElements

  1. StreamElements + OBS
  2. Streamlabs + OBS
  3. Streamlabs Desktop

Here are some useful tips for troubleshooting alerts that aren’t showing up.

  1. Check that your browser source is using the correct URL
  2. Are you using an event specific widget URL ? Make sure your widget URL is set up to trigger for all event types
  3. Make sure the alert duration is not set to 0
  4. Are certain alert types disabled with Streamlabs or StreamElements dashboard ?
  5. If you’re using quick install links to import the alerts, try deleting them and reimporting again

If you like a challenge then you can try creating Twitch alerts on your own. For best results we recommend familiarizing yourself with graphic editing software and coding.

  1. Create the visual part of the alert in graphic editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Photopea
  2. If you’re familiar with coding, then you’ll also be able to get completely unique behavior from your alerts by using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  3. Create an alert box on Streamlabs
  4. Upload the alert graphic as a PNG with transparent background
  5. Enable custom code and paste in the code into each tab

Alert’s are added to OBS using a browser source. All you need to do is add your unique widget URL into this browser source to get the alerts working with OBS.

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