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Free & Premium Facecam Border Templates For Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming

Webcam borders are one the most important elements in a streamers arsenal. We offer a wide range of free and premium facecam borders to suit every streamers style. Our goal to help take your stream quality to the next level.

Why Use A Facecam Overlay ?

If you stream with a webcam then these borders will be right up your street. Your webcam video will  These overlays or borders are designed to surround your webcam video. You can almost think about these borders like a picture frame. Not only do they increase the production quality of your stream but they also help make your webcam stand out to viewers.
There are two main types of facecam borders depending on the aspect ratio of your webcam video. The two most common aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9. The 16:9 aspect ratio is the most commonly used ratio by streamers today. Webcam overlays come in both sizes. Be sure to check which one you need before making a decision on one.

How To Make a Facecam Border ?

If you prefer having full control over creating your webcam border you will need some graphic design software. We use photoshop to create all of our designs, however there are free alternatives such as gimp that you can use if you are on a limited budget.
Once you have your design software of choice, your best bet is to find some tutorials on YouTube for creating webcam overlays. There are no shortage of tutorials and guides out there. We highly recommend learning from a video as it will you allow you to follow along and see exactly how they are made step by step.
One important thing to remember is to export your facecam borders as a png file, as that will allow the file to remain transparent. Other image formats such as jpg cannot hold the transparency values and therefore would be useless as a webcam border.
For those unsure of what transparency means, then think of the image as having see through areas. By having areas of the image see through, it allows us to put the graphics on top of other elements in the streaming software to create the border.

How To Get A Facecam Border For Free ?

If you're low on funds but still want to make your stream look better then a free facecam border is perfect for you. We offer lots of different free elements, the best way to find our free webcam overlays would be to check out the free twitch overlays section in our store.
Our goal is to add more and more free elements and overlays to our store. If nothing takes your fancy right now, be sure to check back in the future.

How To Add Your Facecam Border To Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming ?

In order to add the border to your stream, you will first need streaming software. A common misconception is that you add the overlays directly through the likes of Twitch. However overlays and stream elements are added to your stream using software that you install to your PC.
The most common software out there is OBS Studio, and Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). Once you have this installed you will need to add either a media source of image source to your scene. Use a media source for animated borders. Otherwise use an image source for static border.
If you have received your facecam overlay from one of our streaming overlay packages or just the webcam only you can check out our package installation guide. This has all the details on adding the border to your stream through either OBS or SLOBS.