Twitch Transitions Ultimate Collection : Free & Premium

If you have watched your fair share of streamers on Twitch then you will have probably noticed that they use a stinger transition along with other overlay elements.

This post will be dedicated to showing off all of our stinger transitions with details on how to get a hold of each one. These transitions will range from free to premium.

In addition to this we will also discuss what exactly a stinger transition is and how it can benefit your stream.

What is a stinger transition ?

Stinger transitions are animated graphics used for changing scenes while streaming. Therefore without using smooth animated transitions, the effect of changing scenes can be quite jarring to the viewers.

So by utilizing an animated graphic that appears on the screen, you can seamlessly change scenes and maintain a professional look on stream. You would have seen stinger transitions utilized in many different media forms such as TV and big YouTube channels for instance.

How Are Twitch Transitions Made ?

If you can’t afford to purchase a stinger transition yet and none of our free transitions take your fancy, then you may be wondering how to make your own twitch transition.

Transitions are most commonly made in powerful animation software such as Adobe After Effects. If you have after effects then you will be glad to find out that there are a tonne of useful step by step tutorials on creating transitions.

The most thorough tutorial we have found so far was a video created by gaming careers.

In general, transitions are 2-4 seconds long. Anywhere between this should be the perfect length for you stinger. If a stinger is too fast then it can be just as disorientating as having no stinger. Similarly if stinger is too slow then it can become frustrating for viewers to watch and perhaps even ruin their immersion.

Additionally make sure that there are no see through or transparent areas on the transition overlay so that it fully covers the screen

Other than that feel free to be as creative as you like.

How to Get Premade Transitions ?

Luckily we have a huge selection of premade stinger transitions. We have a selection of both free and premium twitch transitions.

Below we have listed of our best stinger transitions with links for downloading each one.

1. Valorant Stinger Transition

2. Warzone Transition

3. Astra Transition

4. Brass Empire Transition

5. Derelict Transition

6. Plume Transition

7. Mallow Transition

8. Sway Transition

10. Vortex Free Twitch Transition

11. Shard Transition

12. Kitty Transition

13. Coral Transition

14. Lightspeed Transition

15. Velvet Transition

16. Lucid Transition

17. Horizon Transition

18. Kevlar Transition

19. Outrun Transition

20. Duality Transition

21. Spectre Transition

22. Crystals Transition

23. Royalty Transition

24. Apex Transition

25. Neon City

26. Reggae Transition

27. Carbon Transition

28. Overdrive Transition

29. Drive Transition

30. Stellar Transition

31. Grime Transition

32. Blossom Transition

34. Summit Transition

35. Grime Transition

36. Blossom Transition

38. Summit Transition

39. Offset Transition

40. Vertigo Transition