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What Are Live Stream Backgrounds ?

Stream backgrounds are images or animations used by live streamers that help reinforce their brand. They provide a great starting point on which they can put other assets on top of. Some streamers even use these backgrounds as the foundation to build their own custom streaming layouts.

Animated Backgrounds give you the freedom to create your own scene layouts or text that you sometimes don’t get with a premade overlay pack. These backgrounds are commonly used by VTubers due to the flexibility they offer.

How To Add A Stream Background In OBS ?

OBS is the most common way to add an animated background to your stream. See below for the steps involved.

  1. Launch OBS software
  2. Add a media source to your scene by clicking the + icon in the Sources section. If you’re using a static image, then add an image source
  3. Add your animated stream background to the media source
  4. Enable the Loop option within the media source properties
  5. Resize the background to fit entire screen

Free Stream Backgrounds ?

free stream backgrounds

We often get asked if we’ve got any free stream backgrounds available in store. The answer is yes! Fortunately our ever growing list of freebies include a selection of free backgrounds, available to download instantly. Some of our free backgrounds cover hugely popular styles, including Japanese, E-Sports and VTuber themes.

These free animated backgrounds are a great starting point for anyone looking to get to grips with their stream layout on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Kick.

A good stream background should be similar to your existing branding for Twitch. This means choosing a background with a similar style and colors to keep your visuals cohesive. 

In addition to this, if you’re using an animated background it’s essential that the animation loops seamlessly. This is something we take a lot of care to ensure in all of our animated backgrounds.

Static stream backgrounds can easily be edited in free graphics software such as photopea. Animated backgrounds are a little more tricky since there aren’t many free animation software available.

From our experience it’s much better to create separate assets and overlay them on top of your background in broadcasting software such as OBS.

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