Free Twitch Panels Collection With Setup Instructions

One of the most important aspects of being a streamer is having a well thought out channel page. This channel page is the most effective way to display all of the most important information that you want viewers to know about you. It’s on a channel page that you will find Twitch panels. 

If you’re unsure exactly what these panels are for and how they can benefit you, we’ll discuss that in detail in this article. In addition to that we’ve put together a list of where you can get free panels for your stream.

What Are Twitch Panels ?

Twitch panels are essentially graphical elements that are uploaded and shown on your twitch channel page. Most commonly these panels will be rectangular in shape, however there are no specific resolutions or size set by Twitch that need to be followed.

The best way to think about these panels are as headers or layout elements for your channel page. You Twitch channel page can quickly become cluttered with information if you don’t manage it well. Whether it’s your bio, or a list of your sponsors, it’s important that all the information is clearly organised and seperated.

Under each panel you can add the specific information related to the topic. In addition to this, you can add a link to each panel, so if viewer clicks on it they will be directed to a page of your choice. This is a perfect way to send viewers straight to your social media pages.

Benefits Of Twitch Panels

  • Keep your channel page organised and tidy
  • Relay important information to viewers
  • Give viewers an insight to your community even when you’re offline
  • Send viewers directly to your social media pages
  • Earn extra revenue by using placing affiliate links

Free Twitch Panels

We’ve put together a collection of all our best Twitch panels for you to download absolutely free. Some of these Twitch panel packs are also part of free streaming packages which are filled with features. So if you’re going to use the panels then why not keep all of your graphics coherent by downoading a full package. These panel files instantly downloadable and optimized for use on your channel page. This means you don’t have to worry about resizing or making any of the graphics fit.

Free Neon Twitch Panels

free purple neon twitch panels

Free Red Twitch Panels

free black red twitch panels

Free Kawaii Anime Twitch Panels

free kawaii anime twitch panels

Free League Of Legends Twitch Panels

free league of legends twitch panels

Free Cute & Pink Twitch Panels

free cute & pink twitch panels

Free Neon Green Twitch Panels

free neon green twitch panels

Free Christmas Twitch Panels

free christmas twitch panels

Free Yellow Twitch Panels

free yellow twitch panels

Free Blue Twitch Panels

free blue twitch panels

Free Red Twitch Panels

free red twitch panels

Free Purple Twitch Panels

free purple twitch panels

Free Purple Stream Panels

free purple twitch panels

Free Orange Twitch Panels

free orange twitch panels

Free Orange Twitch Panels

free red twitch panels

Free Retro Synthwave Twitch Panels

free retro synthwave twitch panels

Free Purple & Yellow Twitch Panels

free purple yellow twitch panels

Free Blue Twitch Panels

free blue twitch panels

How To Add Panels To Your Channel Page

  • Head over to Twitch and log in if you’re not already
  • Select your avatar from the top right, then select Channel
  • Select the About tab
  • Toggle Edit Panels on
  • Select the Add a Text or Image Panel button
  • Give your panel a title, select add image to upload your panel graphic, include a relevant link, and add your description (shown below the panel)
  • Press submit to save changes



So there you have it, an introduction to Twitch panels for those of you who were unsure of what they were. You should now have a full understanding of exactly what Twitch panels are and how they can beneift you as a streamer. In addition to that, if you’re looking to get started using panels straight away, you’ve got a huge selection of free panels just waiting to be downloaded !

Finally once you’ve got your panels ready, you’ll be able to upload them to your channel using our step by step process.

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