Lower Thirds Streamlabs Obs App Tutorial

Our Lower Thirds app is now live. This post will focus on taking you through all the features of our first app for streamers.

This app is similar to our Valorant socials overlay and Warzone socials overlay, however this app is much more full featured and customizable.

The app is available for download on the Streamlabs obs app store.

If you don’t already have the app installed, you can find it here on the app store.

We will guide you through setting up your lower thirds, how to utilize multiple presets, customization and finally, placing the lower thirds on you stream.

We divided this tutorial into steps so feel free to skip straight to whatever section you may be having issues with.

1. Creating Presets

Presets are a great way to save a collection of settings. They allow you to quickly change saved styles and settings with the click of button.

This feature is very useful for situations where you may be changing overlay styles.

Some other situations where they are useful could include switching between different games that have different styles or colors.

To create a preset, press the button with the “+” icon as shown below.

A text input box will then pop up. Enter whatever name you would like for the preset.

Once you have entered the name of choice, hit the create button to confirm.

This will create a new preset. Additionally the new preset will be set as your currently active preset.

If you want to change your presets name at a later date, they can be renamed by hitting the edit button next to enable.

2. Customizing

Now for the fun part. Customization.

Most of the settings are pretty self explanatory i.e colors and fonts settings. Some other settings such as “Running Order” may need a bit of extra info. We will discuss those further down.

Most setting’s changes will be directly reflected in the preview at the top of the app page.

This allows you to quickly prototype styles and colors before committing to save.

The only settings that will not be directly reflected in the preview is the running order settings. You must save changes in order for these settings to take effect.

The running order is essentially the order in which each social is shown. It will run from top to bottom during the loop.

Each social in the running order settings can be dragged and dropped to quickly reorder how the loop should run.

For example, in the above image the first social in the loop would be Youtube and the username “Default”.

Two settings that may be hard to distinguish between are “Social Interval Seconds” and “Cycle Repeat Seconds”.

The “Social Interval Seconds” slide controls how long to wait between showing each social animation.

The other timing setting that’s useful is the “Cycle Repeat Seconds”. This is how long to wait in seconds after each successful run through of the loop.

3. Saving

Once finished customizing and are ready to apply your changes, you will need to save.

The save button can be found at the bottom of the main app page.

Any changes saved will only be applied to the currently active preset.

save lower thirds

As mentioned previously in order to see the running order settings take effect in the preview you will need to save your changes.

4. Add Widget To Scene

The final step to get your lower thirds up and running is to add the widget to the desired scene.

Located at the bottom of the page you will find an “Add to Scene” button. After clicking this you will be shown a popup with a list of scenes.

Select whichever scene you would to add to and hit the add button.

Your lower thirds should now be placed into the scene.

To confirm this you can go to your chosen scene and see “Lower Thirds” listed in the sources sections.

Additionally, you can now place and resize the widget however you like.


You should now be up and running with our lower thirds app.

We have discussed how to create different presets so that you can quickly and easily change between styles and settings.

In addition to this we covered some of the less obvious features and settings of the application.

Finally you will now have a clear idea of how to add the lower thirds to any scene of your choosing.

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