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One of the biggest things you can do to upgrade the overall quality of your Twitch stream is to start using a scene transition. We’re going to explain in this article exactly what a scene transition is and how they can benefit your viewer experience. In addition to that we’re going to show you exactly where to get these transitions both free and premium.

Finally we’ll walk you through the process of setting up the transition to work on your stream. The article covers this process for some of the most popular broadcasting software available.

What Is a Stinger Transition ?

Ok, so if you’ve never actually heard of these scene transitions before, you’re probably wondering what the heck they even are, or why other streamers are talking about them. Scene transitions (or stinger transitions) are animations that are used to create a smooth and professional way of changing scenes within your streaming software.

One of the biggest issue of changing scenes without a transition is that it changes very abruptly, and overall makes the quality of your stream look more amateur. For some streamers this is perfectly acceptable and they’re happy with a simple stripped back stream.

However for a lot of streamers, focus and time is spent on improving the quality of their stream.

So why should you consider using a stinger transition ?

Benefits Of Stinger Transitions

  1. Communicates professionalism to all of your viewers
  2. Keeps your branding consistent
  3. Keeps viewers engaged by removing abrupt scene changes
  4. Another opportunity to get creative with your stream graphics

Free Stinger Transitions

If you’re sold on the idea of a stinger transition then you’re going to love these free transitions we have to offer. They’re instantly available to download, and in some cases they even come as part of a full streaming package.

All of these free stinger transitions are fully compatible with OBS and Streamlabs. As long as your streaming software support custom video transitions with file formats such as WebM, then these scene transitions should work without any issues.

Vortex Free Stinger Transition

Kawaii Free Anime Transition

League Of Legends Free Stinger Transition

Pink Cute Twitch Transition

Neon Green Twitch Transition

Free Yellow Stinger Transition

Free Blue Twitch Transition

Free Red Twitch Transition

Free Purple Stinger Transition

Free Purple Stinger Transition

Free Red Scene Transition

Free Christmas Stinger Transition

Free Orange Stinger Transition

Free Synthwave Stinger Transition

Free Purple Yellow Stinger Transition

How To Set Up Stinger Transitions

If you’ve got your stinger transition ready to go, it’s time to set it up in your broadcasting software. We’re going to show you how to do this in both OBS and Streamlabs. If you’re using either these software, follow the steps below and you’ll have professional and smooth scene changes in no time at all.

If you’re not actually using broadcasting software yet, we reccomend either using OBS or Streamlabs as they offer the best customisation and settings out there for setting up transitions. Alternatives such as Twitch studio at the time of writing this, only allow you to select from a list of premade transitions.

How To Add A Stinger Transition In OBS

Adding up a scene transition is actually quite a bit different to who you would set up your overlays in OBS. However, the process is still relatively straightforward, which we’ve covered in depth below.

    1. First off you’ll need to launch OBS.
    2. Locate the Scene Transitions section and select the + button. Keep in mind that the location of this scene transitions section can vary depending on how you have layed out your OBS.

      creating a stinger transition within OBS

    3. Enter a name for your scene transition and continue.
    4. Select Browse, navigate to your transition file and open it.

      uploading scene transition file obs

    5. Set the Transition Point value and then finish off by clicking Ok. The transition point value, is essentially the point at which the OBS scene will actually change. You will want to make sure you set this time at the point when the transition has full covered the screen and before it disappears again.

      setting the transition point in OBS

    6. You can now test the transition is working by changing scenes in OBS. The transitions point value might need some tweaking to get just right.

How To Add A Stinger Transition In Streamlabs

    1. Start off by launching the Streamlabs desktop app
    2. In the scenes section select the Edit Scene Transitions button

      scene transitions streamlabs

    3. Select the Add Transition button

      adding a new transition to streamlabs

    4. Name the transition, and select Stinger from the Transition Type dropdown

      streamlabs transition type

    5. Select Browse, navigate to your transition file and open it

      browsing for video files in streamlabs

    6. Now set the transition point value and click ok. The transition point value, is essentially the point at which the OBS scene will actually change. You will want to make sure you set this time at the point when the transition has full covered the screen and before it disappears again.

      setting the transition point value in Streamlabs

    7. Finish up by testing out the transition by changing scenes. The transition point value might need some tweaking to get just right.

Adding Stinger Transitions In Twitch Studio

    1. Begin by launching Twitch studio
    2. Select the gear icon in the lower right of the application

      twitch studio settings icon

    3. Select Transitions from the left hand sidebar, and you’ll be shown the global scene transition options

      global scene transition settings in twitch studio

    4. Select your desired animation in the Animation dropdown, then set the duration of the transition. Once finished click the X icon in the top right. Now test everything is working by switching scenes.

Where To Buy Premium Stinger Transitions ?

Ok, so you’ve tried out some of the free transitons we have to offer, but now you’re wanting to get that premium look to your stream. Lucky for you, we also have a wide range of premium made stinger transitions, that will really take your stream visuals to the next level.

Using free stinger transitions in the beginning is great, but you’ll often find that a whole bunch of other streamers are also using that same transition. Hardly the best way to stand out from the crowd.


So there you have it. A complete guide to stinger transitions on Twitch and other popular streaming platforms. The benefits of having a scene transitions far outweigh the potential downsides of not using one. This is especially true given that we’ve shown you where to get some available for free. 

Although this topic has taken a deep dive into scene transitions, at Hexeum we also offer a wide range of products for streamers. Anything from full stream packages to emotes. Explore Hexeum store today.

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