how to design twitch overlays using glorify

How To Design Twitch Overlays Using Glorify

We recently discovered Glorify and wanted to test out some of the features they had to offer. Despite Glorify being streamlined and branded towards helping E-Com brands create content, we wanted to try out their features and see if we could make an overlay for Twitch. Turns out we can ! The best part about the whole process is that it was absolutely free. We’ll show you the steps we followed to create these designs. Using these step you’ll be able to make your own personalised overlays in no time at all.

What We're Going To Make

Here’s the end result from the time we spent designing in Glorify. We spent less than 20 minutes creating this. Having never used Glorify before we found the layout and interface pretty intuitive especially if you’ve used any design software before. In this tutorial we used one of our free stream backgrounds which we’ll give you access to further into the tutorial. As you can see this is a typical intermission screen layout. The screen has a main webcam area, a chat box area and a couple of stream labels to display important engagement information. 

stream overlay layout created within glorify


If you encounter any difficulties using the tools or navigating the application, check out our helpful tips section.

  1. Head over to Glorify and begin by creating your account. Once created, sign in and navigate to your dashboard. From here you can select Create Design from the sidebar on the left.

    creating a design button in glorify

  2. From the new dialog make sure Quick Start is selected on the left hand side. Now enter the dimensions 1920×1080 and select Add to finish creating a new canvas. (Dimensions taken from our graphics sizes guide).

    creating a canvas in glorify

  3. Hover over the image icon from the toolbox on the left then select Upload Image. The image we’re uploading is one our free stream background images. You can also download this image (See resources section for download) if you want follow along with this guide.